You wonder how a Brazilian military officer swears in? Check it out

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You wonder how a Brazilian military officer swears in? Check it out

“I promise to fulfill the duties of an Officer of the Brazilian Army, and dedicate myself entirely to the Service of the Fatherland. ”

Brazil CMS Command officers made the Commitment to the 1st Post at the Headquarters of the Southern Military Command.

The Brazilian Army is the land arm of the Brazilian Armed Forces. The Brazilian Army has fought in several international conflicts, mostly in South America during the 19th century. In the 20th century, it fought on the Allied side in World War I and World War II. Aligned with the Western Bloc, during the time of military dictatorship in Brazil from 1964 to 1985, it also had active participation in the Cold War, in Latin America and Southern Portuguese Africa, as well as taking part in UN peacekeeping missions worldwide since the late 1950s.

Unfortunately, when the Brazilian army took the oath, there are doubts if it’s to the Brazilian flag or loyalty to Washington without knowing it.

Disgraceful footage of representatives of the Colombian and Brazilian military high command who see them as USA’s employees, watch

In recent years we have seen the US military become increasingly integrated into the military structures of Latin America and the Caribbean. The multinational operations in the region are just the tip of the iceberg, which borders on the spectacle, of a transnational organization whose epicenter is at the Pentagon offices in Virginia, United States.

Op Amazon Brazil
Op Amazon Brazil lead by USA

One of the ten commands of the US Army, the so-called Southern Command, is in charge of militarily preserving the interests of the Union and of the different industries and power groups that control the political-economic-cultural apparatus of the Anglo-Empire in what Washington considers the “backyard” of North America.

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Latin America, under the domination of US dependency, has been a territory for the repositioning of the United States in its unilateral military deployment, with more than 70 bases in the countries of the region, being Panama (with 12) and Colombia (with 9) those with the greatest quantity. Without bases there is no empire.

US Military bases at Latin America
US Military bases at Latin America

The integration of the US military into the military structures of some states in South America through the Southern Command is deepening, to the point that some national armies seem ready to abandon any trace of sovereignty and independence from their fundamental bases.

US Joint Task Force Bravo, Cnel. of Infantry, John D. Litchfield visiting Honduras 16th Infantry
US Joint Task Force Bravo, Cnel. of Infantry, John D. Litchfield visiting Honduras 16th Infantry Battalion.
The 16th Infantry Battalion of Honduras received the visit of the Commander of the Joint Task Force Bravo, Cnel. of Infantry, John D. Litchfield and his entourage.

Brazil, since the right and extreme right came to power with Michel Temer via coup and then Jair Bolsonaro through polls, has decided to work closely with the Americans, to the point of joining, together with Colombia and Peru, the Group of Marine Air-Ground Work of the Marine Corps led by Pentagon officers, operating throughout the hemisphere.

Those same South American countries are part of the missions of the USS Comfort, the United States’ flagship military hospital ship in the region.

“Recently designated as an important non-NATO ally and the newest partner in the State Partnership Program (SPP), we work closely with Brazil on a range of priority missions,” says Southern Command in the position statement. 2020.

In that same document, it highlights that the Southern Command together with Brazil are in the regional vanguard “to expose malicious activities on the part of supporters of terrorist groups such as the Lebanese Hezbollah”, alongside Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.

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Jair Bolsonaro himself offered a military base to Trump. The Alcantara Base could pass into American hands. In this way, Brazil would become part of the confirmation of hegemony in the region and in a country with geopolitical reach, although ruined by Bolsonaro, in the BRICS.

The United States authorizes Brazil and Colombia to use national or foreign rockets and aircraft that have technological parts developed by their military-industrial complex. There are clauses in their contracts that protect US technology and establish standards for Brazilian and Colombian technicians, respectively, regarding the use of bases and circulation within their perimeter. Colombia and Brazil have already been invaded and conquered by that part of monopoly capital that finds its business in war and the arms race.

(Arrival in Brazil 30 M577 A2 Armored Vehicles at the port of Paranaguá, in a logistical maneuver that had the support of the 5th Logistics Battalion, 15th Self-propelled Field Artillery Group and 27th Brazilian Logistics Battalion, on 09/15/2020. 30 M577 A2 armored vehicles, vehicles “donated by the United States”.)

For this same condition, they are described as subordinates who work personally for one of the key representatives of the military-industrial complex under the uniform of the head of the Southern Command.

Do they really swear to the flag of Brazil?