You must watch Venezuelan quarantine zone on the border with Colombia

You must watch Venezuelan quarantine zone on the border with Colombia

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Campaign Comprehensive Social Service Point(PASIC in spanish) installed by the FANB in the Terminal of San Antonio del Táchira, where 1,500 brothers who receive the solidarity and responsiveness of President Nicolas Maduro, are being treated on their return to the Homeland.

The message is clear: regardless economic, political or international deception of fulfilling your dreams outside your homeland, you will be welcome.
It is time to unite as a People, only then will we overcome any situation, including Covid_19!

It is our duty to inform our brothers of the conditions they must meet upon arrival, for the well-being of Venezuela. Thus we are exchanging and learning stories where exclusion and xenophobia have marked them.
We are going to win as a people, stronger and united!

When the coronavirus became a pandemic and forced governments to take strict measures to prevent mass contagion, Venezuelans saw their doors closed, and they were left in a very precarious situation far from home, without work and without housing, in the worst case.

The situation forced them to return to Venezuela, where the coronavirus arrived with less force than to neighboring countries, such as Colombia and Brazil, from where most of the returnees returned.

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