Yemen: Two thousand days of aggression speech

The Armed Forces of Yemen (Ansar Allah / Hussites) have announced operation against Saudi Arabia.

The Armed Forces of Yemen (Ansar Allah / Hussites) have announced operation against Saudi Arabia.

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Military spokesperson:

1 – With God Almighty’s help, our great Yemeni people and the heroes of Mujahideen Army and Popular Committees armed forces have succeeded in steadfastness during 2000 days of aggression on our country, and surely whoever stands this period is able, with God’s help, to withstand 4000 days and even more.

2- Greetings to our jihad march and the symbol of our freedom, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi leader. With his will and management, here we are today, with the help of God, passing 2000-day march of steadfastness, after some had expected a lot that we would not be able to withstand even for 100 days only, and God does what he wants.

3- The heroic Mujahideen, may God protect them on various fronts with very high spirits, and the next, with the help of God, is stronger and greater, as Yemen regains itself by defeating the invaders and occupiers and achieving its sovereignty and independence by liberating every inch of the republic’s lands.

4- What was the situation during the first 100 days of the aggression, and how was the situation with the passage of 1000 days of aggression, and how it today after the passage of 2000 days of aggression? Let Yemen live , generous and independent.

5- To all the free people of our dear people, a thousand greetings for your steadfastness , patience and support to your brothers from the heroic Mujahideen members of your armed forces and the popular committees on the various fronts of glory, glory and dignity.

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6- Yemen said his speech during 2000 days of aggression that the battle for freedom and independence will continue until the liberation of the country and the defeat of the invading invaders and their descendants from agents, traitors and mercenaries.

Two thousand days of aggression