Yemen: press conference by Armed Forces spokesman,Brigadier General Yahya Saree

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The press conference of the Spokesperson for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, on relationship of the old regime with the Zionist entity and the Israeli interference in Yemeni affairs.

The spokesman for the armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, explained the relationship between the Saleh authority and the Zionist entity reached a high level of communication, coordination and exchange of visits at various levels in 2007, highlighting that today’s battle it`s fateful and that to face aggression is to confront Israeli plans. And in front of the agents of the Israeli entity and its mercenaries.

Brigadier General Saree examined in a press conference in Sana’a the steps of the old regime’s relations with the Zionist entity and the conspiracy plan against the country and of allowing the Israeli enemy to achieve all its objectives and plans.

He noted that Yemen was several years ago, and Yemen was and continues to be one of the targets of Israeli policies and a field of Zionist activities and movements, and has remained and continues to be present in the American Zionist strategic mindset, and current aggression is not but the latest clear evidence of those plans and plots.

He said: “Confirming what the leader of the revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, said, may God protect him, in a speech on the sixth anniversary of the September 21 revolution on the relations of the former regime with the Zionist entity; today the armed forces reveal to the masses of our beloved Yemeni people information that reveals for the first time the plan to hand over Yemen and this to the Israeli enemy. The information confirms that today we are facing an aggression that seeks through various means achieve the Israeli objectives in our country, that for the first time we will stand in front of some of them as mentioned in the documents and information.

He added: “The armed forces call upon all Yemeni people to increase awareness of the reality of foreign ambitions and foreign plots that target Yemen as a people, a land of culture and history, all of which confirm that our battle today it is nothing more than a battle for liberation and independence. ”

Emphasizing that the moral and patriotic duty imposes us to put before our dear, patient, firm and mujahid people all the facts about the Israeli interference in our country and its relationship with the previous authorities and the level of employment and treason and compromising the sovereignty of the country and abandoning the Islamic values ​​and the fraternal principles of solidarity with the Palestinian people and before this the betrayal of the Yemeni Muslim people The most committed to their identity, principles, originality and history.

He added: “Perhaps the most outstanding facts that should be revealed today and shed light are the conspiratorial scheme against our country and allow the Israeli enemy to achieve all his goals and plans through the secret relationship between the authority of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Zionist entity and the mutual visits between the two parties, as well as the meetings and the most outstanding files on the table: meetings, discussions and correspondence, either directly or through mediators.

Brigadier General Saree noted that some documents reveal part of Israeli ambitions in the country and regard some of the Israeli demands to achieve them in Yemen as an aggressive conspiracy scheme that puts Yemen under Israeli control through client tools. noting that Israeli interest in Yemen is not limited to Bab al-Mandab or the Red Sea. Either the Yemeni islands or just the west coast, but it extends to economic, cultural, agricultural, security and military aspects.

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He said: “All this confirms the growing relationship between the authority of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Israeli entity, leading to the exchange of visits at different levels, as well as the presence of continuous direct and indirect contacts between the two parties, as well as the continuation of the relationship until the stage after the Gulf initiative and its transfer to the existing authority in that period until the date the attack began on March 26, 2015.

Noting that after the aggression, the puppet government tended to implement advanced steps towards open normalization with the Israeli enemy.

He added: “The relationship between the Saleh authority and the Zionist entity in 2007 reached a high level of communication, coordination and exchange of visits at various levels. On July 14 of the same year an adviser to the Israeli Foreign Minister arrived in Sanaa, Bruce Kashdan, and according to documents with the competent authorities, the unannounced visit lasted 48 hours, in which the Israeli official with military and security leaders who are relatives of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Noting that the Israeli official left Sanaa International Airport on July 16, 2007, and the visit was organized by Yemeni officials, in addition to the role of the United Arab Emirates in that.

He noted that this is the second visit by the Israeli official, as a previous visit had already taken place on February 2, 2005.
The official spokesperson for the Armed Forces confirmed that this visit to Sanaa was not only for the visit or for the normalization of relations that had not been announced, or to confirm the degree of cooperation that existed between the Authority at that time and the Israeli enemy. .

It’s considered one of Yemen’s national security problems.

“Among the files it’s were discussed, for example, was the discussion of Yemeni-Israeli cooperation, or rather between the authority in force in that period and the Israeli entity in the field of security, the security of the Red Sea and Bab al -Mandab, as well as the military field, agricultural and tourist fields, as well as commercial cooperation and allowing and even promoting Israeli products in the market, “he said. And discuss the implementation of joint projects under various headings.

Noting that one of the most important topics discussed was the field of civil aviation and the preparation to reach the signing of an agreement that allows Israeli civil aviation to cross Yemen’s airspace, and that the Israeli official wished to convey his gratitude from the Israeli government to authority in that period for its continued cooperation with the Israeli entity.

He added: “With regard to the Israeli official and his level of importance in the region, the information and documents confirmed that he is considered one of the most prominent Israeli officials specialized in the field of normalization of relations with Arab countries. He has organized and coordinated the establishment of relations between the Israeli entity and several countries of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula, and has a permanent office in Dubai, UAE.

He also took over the management of Israeli-Emirati, Israeli, Saudi and Israeli relations with the former Yemeni authority, in addition to taking the United Arab Emirates as the base for his activities with a large number of assistants, offices and agencies.

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Brigadier General Saree affirmed the relations between the Saleh authority and the Israeli entity date back long before that date, reviewing some milestones of that relationship, including:
In early March 1996, a visit by the Israeli Knesset delegation to Sana’a, and that delegation had a remarkable reception and met with various leaders led by the former president of that period, Ali Abdullah Saleh, as well as officials from security and civilians.

Between 1995 and 2000, AD delegations and Israeli visits to Yemen under the cover of tourism at one time and commercial and economic investment at other times.

On March 30, 2000, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh confirmed that he had previously met with Israeli President Weizmann and that the news was broadcast on Israeli radio only ten minutes after the meeting, causing him great embarrassment.

Before that, specifically on January 31, 1997, the former president confirmed to an Arab official that there were visits by Israeli officials to Yemen.
On the part of Saleh’s authority, a former minister visited Tel Aviv, with prior coordination between the two parties.

Regarding the naturalization project, the spokesperson for the Armed Forces indicated that 2004 witnessed an intense Israeli movement to achieve dangerous goals that can only be known by reading its real dimensions and objectives, and they constitute in their entirety a dangerous scheme control of Yemen, since that year serious attempts to implement it have been initiated, including naturalization work.

Approximately 60,000 Israelis with Yemeni nationality, 15,000 of whom have US citizenship, in addition to using the presence of a Yemeni Jewish community as a pretext to work on the establishment of cultural projects aimed at the so-called preservation of the Jewish heritage in Yemen. An attempt has also been made to acquire large surfaces under the pretext of investment.

Regarding the commercial field, Brigadier General Saree revealed that the Israeli entity managed to obtain the approval of the former president’s authority to partially normalize commercial relations between the two countries in accordance with specific procedures through which Yemen allows some goods Israelis enter the Yemeni market.

He said: “On May 19, 1997, the US ambassador praised Sana’a for the decision of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh Al-Qadi to cancel the boycott of the second and third levels, and the US administration rewarded the authority of the former president for the decision to cancel the boycott of second- and third-tier Israeli goods by providing the Air Force with spare parts for F-5 aircraft, provided that the spare parts don’t contribute to improving the aircraft’s attack capability. ”

Noting that after the calls of the martyr leader Sayyid Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, may God be pleased with him, and his stances against American and Israeli policies and the lifting of the boycott slogan, American and Israeli pressure was made to cancel the so-called fight against economic discrimination and abolish the commercial boycott of first-class Israeli goods, as well as provide support and assistance to previous wars. Saada.

The spokesperson for the Armed Forces referred to the most prominent Israeli targets in Yemen as follows:

Secure control of Bab al-Mandab and the west coast to Hodeidah through client tools.

Overseeing the west coast and the Bab al-Mandab region through various means, including implementing economic projects in Bab al-Mandab and some Yemeni islands, and subjecting those areas to military formations of mercenaries, agents and traitors.

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Combat all cultural, political, economic and social activities in support of the Palestinian cause or hostile to the Israeli project in Yemen or in the region or in Palestine and the judiciary on those activities and projects that require it.

Work to thwart any Yemeni effort aimed at liberation and independence in a way that leads to achieving Yemen’s full sovereignty over the lands, skies, and territorial waters, and to benefit from Yemen’s strategic location, its marine wealth and other .

Control over the Yemeni decision through officials and others who were recruited to work for the Israeli entity, as well as through the naturalization project for thousands of Israeli and American Jews with Yemeni nationality.

Targets related to the military side.

Regarding the stage of the aggression, Brigadier General Saree made it clear that Israeli interference in Yemeni affairs occurred through participation in the aggression, and prior to that, by inciting the launch of the aggression and then participate in it directly and indirectly.

He noted that the statements, meetings and movements of officials from the countries of aggression and contacts between those countries and the Israeli entity are all evidence of the degree of coordination and participation in the aggression, highlighting that the armed forces have other evidence of Israeli military participation in assault, and will be disclosed in a timely manner.

The spokesman for the Armed Forces affirmed that confronting the aggression is the correct position taken by the majority of our people, and that confronting the Israeli conspiracy comes to protect Yemen, the land, the human being, history, identity and the culture.

He explained that the normalization of relations between the regimes and authorities of the aggressor countries and the Israeli entity that participated in the aggression against our country confirms that we are already in the correct position and that the option of confrontation and firmness is the option that is not can reverse.

He noted that the armed forces call on all Yemenis to confront the Israeli plan to naturalize tens of thousands of Jews with Yemeni nationality, due to the danger of this project to Yemeni national security … warning the government of agents and mercenaries to take any step or any measure that works to achieve those goals, especially the project. Naturalization of Jews, including Jews of Yemeni origin, because they have come to have the nationality of a hostile entity, and their loyalty is no longer to Yemen, but to the Israeli entity.

Brigadier General Saree also affirmed that the Armed Forces are calling all of our people at home and abroad, especially those who work in embassies or in any competent authority affiliated with the aggression, to stand up to this project to preserve Yemen and a victory for the Palestinian cause.

The armed forces are also calling on Yemenis working for the benefit of foreign powers to return to the path of righteousness. And change their positions and stop contributing to the realization of foreign projects aimed at subduing Yemen to hostile foreign powers.

He concluded his press conference by emphasizing the role of society in thwarting this Yemen-targeting plan and working to strengthen Yemen by following cultural, information and educational policies, as well as taking legal, security and military measures.