When you can’t see your MLB countrymen and politicians yes

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US Major Leagues Baseball (MLB) has blocked all United States-based players from participating in Venezuela’s professional baseball league.

Will affect players of all nationalities – including Venezuelans – who have contracts in both the US major and minor leagues.

This penalty affects the entertainment of Venezuelans who wish to see their sports idols but…not the right-wing Venezuelan politicians financed by the United States, because they have enough dollars to go to see them in their ideal empire.

Last Tuesday, October 15, the deputy of the Venezuelan right Stalin González took a break from his struggle to overthrow the “regime” of President Nicolás Maduro, to attend the fourth game of the MLB National League final.

How will ordinary Venezuelans react if Citgo is lost while opposition leaders are getting paid in dollars and flying around the world on the backs of American taxpayers?

The issue of opposition leaders having the funds to travel is an unfolding scandal in Venezuela, as the second Vice President of the National Assembly, Stalin González—a Guaidó ally, was filmed at Game of the National League Championship Series in Washington, D.C. on the same day that he missed a session in the National Assembly.

One wonders whether U.S. tax dollars paid for Mr. González’s airfare or his front-row ticket to the ballgame. Venezuelans are wondering how a Vice President of the National Assembly could afford to fly to Washington and attend a Washington Nationals playoff game, as they themselves feel the stress of inflation and making ends meet.

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“The tickets were given to me by a friend,” González maintained, when asked who covered the tab

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