What Lebanese “Allah Party” Hassan Nasrallah said

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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that former secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, was a great and wise leader. They met personally, they had many meetings. According to Nasrallah, Shallah was a supporter of extreme resistance and had everything necessary to lead this resistance. He was interested not only in the Palestinian unit, but also in Sulfan’s general unit.

“With the death of Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, we have lost the best leader. We hope that his brothers will continue their work, ”said the Hezbollah chief.


Nasrallah called rumors about the government’s resignation “unfounded.” And he expressed his extreme indignation at the behavior of the protesters. That is to say, confrontations with the army, insults to the feelings of believers and blockade of highways.

According to Nasrallah, this is “moral degradation”, accompanied by incitement to the Shiites. The charges against Hezbollah are absurd and frivolous. The protests against Hezbollah failed.
“We will do everything possible to avoid unrest in the country. We will take our young people to the streets, “Nasrallah said. He added that the problem with the currency (the dollar) is an American conspiracy against Lebanon and the Lebanese people.


According to Hassan Nasrallah, the United States prevents foreign exchange from entering the Lebanese market and puts pressure on the Lebanese central bank.

“The Americans are using Lebanon and its economy to achieve their interests. More precisely, to guarantee the security of Israel. Acting with an eye on Americans is a humiliation. We know well how the United States deals with its allies in the region. The UN is also not our friend. Lebanese authorities can find other allies. For example, Iran, which is ready to sell us fuel with local currency. Chinese companies are ready to invest in Lebanon, create jobs and build power plants. ”

“The one involved in the rebellion is part of a (US) plan to destroy Lebanon and starve the country.”

(Regular sanctions against the Syrian economy, as well as against any Syrian or foreign state or private organization, which is related in any way to Bashar al-Assad)

The Caesar Law on the Protection of Civilians in Syria in 2019 is the last weapon that the United States has and that it intends to win in Syria. The purpose of this law is to punish the Syrian people and again plunge Syria into civil war. But Syria’s allies will not allow it. The Lebanese “Caesar Law” strikes an even bigger blow than the Syrians. I understand the inability of our government to confront the United States, but I urge you not to obey Cesar’s law

“To the one who confronts us with the option of giving up arms or starving, we will respond:” Our weapons will remain in our hands and we will not starve, we will kill them. “

What  Lebanese "Allah Party" Hassan Nasrallah said
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What Lebanese "Allah Party" Hassan Nasrallah said
What Lebanese "Allah Party" Hassan Nasrallah said
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