What countries and at what level participate in the aggression against Yemen?

What countries and at what level participate in the aggression against Yemen?

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Actors involved in the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen reveal: The US, the Israeli regime and many European states are on the list.

Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 24 million people, 80% of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children. Since 2015, Yemen has become a living hell for the country’s children.

A source familiar with matter and linked to the alliance led by the Saudi Arabian regime against Yemen has revealed on Wednesday the list of the aggressor countries and the level of their participation in the brutal military campaign against the Yemeni people, launched since 2015.

In statements to the Iranian news agency Mehrnews, on condition of anonymity, the source has indicated that those providing full assistance in the aggression are: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, the Israeli regime and USA.

The States that have participated only in air strikes are: Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco. Kuwait has also provided financial support, while Egypt has a maritime stake.

Senegal, Mali, Kenya and Colombia have a limited role in land aggression against the Yemeni people. Sudan, in turn, plays a major role in this field of contention against the poorest country in the Arab world.

The footprints of European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, can also be seen in the military campaign led by the Saudi monarchy against Yemen. Their participation ranges from arms, logistics and intelligence support to maritime participation.

Brazil provides weapons and cluster bombs for the Riyadh-led aggression, while Pakistan has limited air participation, in addition to selling weapons to the Saudi regime.
Eritrea trains mercenaries from aggressor countries on its territory, while Djibouti has turned its airports into bases for Saudi and Emirati fighters, as well as for training mercenaries and soldiers.

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According to the source, aforementioned participation states in the military campaign against Yemen has been confirmed, while other countries, such as Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Finland, have signed contracts for arms sale to the aggressor countries.

More than five years have passed since the Saudi Arabian aggression and criminal blockade against Yemen, in the context of which the attacks launched have left more than 100,000 Yemenis dead, mostly civilians, children and women, including.

The United Nations (UN) has warned that the death toll from the Saudi Arabian bombings in Yemen could rise to 500,000 by 2022.