War material in Venezuela seize from USA⁣’s container

War material in Venezuela seize from USA⁣'s container

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A total of 21 rifles, 2 pistols, 5,558 ammunition and 110 chargers from the United States were seized as part of the investigations carried out by the Scientific, Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc) in the states of Zulia and Carabobo.⁣

This was reported by C / G Humberto Ramírez, vice minister of the Integrated Criminal Investigation System from patio 4 of the city of Puerto Cabello ⁣port

“These weapons of war, four were seized by the Zulia State Delegation and after investigations by scientific police officials, the seizure of the other 17 was achieved,” he said.

The Commissioner explained that the weapons were hidden in a consolidated shipment of varied merchandise from Miami, Florida in the United States.

“This war cargo was to be distributed to the criminal and terrorist groups operating in the country to destabilize social peace and undermine the security of the nation” ⁣

Officials from the Cicpc, the Integrated National Service for Customs and Tax Administration (Seniat), Bolivariana de Puertos (Bolipuertos) and the Bolivarian National Guard participated in this procedure.

Ramírez concluded by indicating that they will request Interpol the necessary collaboration to promote investigations at the international level.
“We must know how it is possible that one of the countries with the most security control and technology allows arms trafficking to our Republic”

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