Video: Young man killed by Honduran military police

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The video on social networks where members of the Military Police are observed persecuting a young man who works in a hardware store located in the La Torocagua neighborhood, northern sector of the capital.

This is Erick Davison Barrientos Avilés (21), a young driver of a dump truck who, apparently at the moment of passing through the police checkpoint, took one of the cones to meet him and was therefore chased by the police, who at the moment they arrived at the instead they shot the young man five times.

In the video of the event that occurred on Monday afternoon, it is heard when the young man’s companions say “hey man, hey man, leave him alone.” The military policemen in vests of the National Public Transport Force ignored it and continued firing.

Then they say “he is injured, take him to the hospital”, but unfortunately the young man died in the hospital.

His family, outraged by what happened to his relative who left a five-month-old daughter, accused the police of the murder of his relative, just for not obeying the call of the uniformed men.