Video released by terrorists of the mass kidnapping of students in Zamfra – Nigeria

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A girls’ boarding school in Nigeria’s Zamfra state was attacked

Unidentified men dressed as Nigerian security forces entered the building of a war-torn educational institution and led hundreds of students in an unknown direction.

The exact number of kidnappers is not yet known

It turns out that out of six hundred students who spent the night at school, only fifty students were at school.

The students’ parents demolished the school building and attempted to obtain information from the school directory about the abducted children.

No group has taken responsibility for the attack. In the past, Boko Haram militants carried out a similar terrorist attack in the state of Niger. The kidnapped prisoners remain hostages .

Images released by terrorists of the kidnapping of staff and students at a school in North Borno

Although the kidnapping of the student is not seen in the video, but in interviews with some of the remaining girls, it is emphasized that some 300 female students were horribly abducted.

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