Venezuela’ve caught the criminal who pulled a gun to Guaidó to “kill him” and tells everything

Capturado el delincuente que sacó un arma a Guaidó para "asesinarlo" y lo cuenta todo

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Everything comes out, captured the guy who pulled a gun to Guaidó to “kill him”, to kill him, but politically and once again.
A hired criminal, aka Caracas

Officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service arrested in Lara state the man who pointed a gun at Guaido. Clímaco Medina, aka “Caracas,” revealed he received $ 200 to set up the fake news “attack” on Guaidó.

As well ($ 200)as the people who accompanied him in a concentration last February 29 in Barquisimeto, Lara state, with the purpose of set up the fake news and accusing Chavism of an alleged attack.

After his arrest by officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), he recounted in a video how he was approached for this plan.He said that a day earlier, on Friday, February 28, he was approached by a motorized nickname “Chicho”, who asked him if he wanted to earn money.”What do I have to do?” Medina asked, to which Chicho replied: “Tomorrow (Saturday, February 29) comes Guaidó and I’m looking for a motorized to do jobs.”

Medina accepted the order
Medina accepted the assignment that consisted of showing up at 10:00 AM on Saturday in the La Gallera sector, in the La Paz neighborhood.

Fake News: attempted murder of Guaido 1

«On Saturday I stopped in the morning, early, I dressed all in black and went up to La Paz, to La Gallera. I stopped at a blue newsstand to wait for Chicho. Suddenly, I got a man all dressed in white, he asked me if I came from Chicho and said yes, ”he said.

This person asked Medina to accompany him and they walked to where some buses and vans were parked.«The man told me that I had to scare people. He took out a revolver and gave it to me, told me I had to aim at people, intimidate them and aim at Guaidó, ”he added.

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It was then that this person handed over $ 200 to Medina.
Guaido's bodyguards are worthless hahaha pic 2 :


Medina said between 10 and 12 La Paz streets, he took out the firearm and aimed at the people who were gathered there, as well as Guaidó: «People started screaming, running. I kept walking, I pointed to Guaidó, they started taking photos and I came ».

Alias «El Caracas» was hired by people from Guaidó to shoot and thus mount the false positive.

The purpose was share out graphic by national and international media.

“Guaidó is already desperate because what he promised to Colombian President Iván Duque and his gringos bosses cannot fulfill them.” This type of false positives is what the extreme right is preparing for March 10, where it aspires to be the violence that is established in the demonstration.

The National Government is on the trail of many issues related to these events, and that will only get the people’s repudiation. That’s the truth. You need this type of fireworks, in order to sustain the operation.