Venezuela’s president talk about the country’s situation now & what they’re going to do

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President of Venezuela delivers anti-blockade law

It will allow the Bolivarian state to equip itself with new legal tools to tackle the U.S. sanctions

“It is an Anti-Blockade Bill that has been created and studied with the help of international and worldwide experts in the matter,” Maduro pointed out.

“Venezuela has to protect itself urgently against so many attacks and shield its economy… to undertake an economic, financial, and social recovery”, he added.

1. In the fight against this pandemic we’ve seen how measures are increased to prevent Venezuela from having what it needs for its social life.

2. I come to request the Constituent Power to approve a law to confront the most perverse and brutal aggression it’s our country has suffered in 200 years of republican life.

2.1. I ask for a debate that reaches the population to generate awareness and strength for the future, to explain many things that have had to be in silence, and many things in silence have to be today in order to advance in new modalities that mock and defeat the chase and tracking mechanisms.

3. The United States will do everything in its power to prevent Venezuela from building a development path towards Socialism (…) It carries out an attack aimed at destroying our economy to destroy the material bases that sustain the life of our people.

3.1. The sanctions are responsible for 40 thousand deaths in the country in recent years (…) The damage caused to our country and our people is immeasurable and to a large extent, irremediable.

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4. In the last 6 years, 99% of the volume of foreign currency was lost as a result of sanctions, from $ 100 that we received in 2014 today less than $ 1 enters (…) We went from 56 billion dollars to less than $ 400 million last year.

5. From 2015 onwards, the rate of decline in Venezuela’s external income rises to 30 billion dollars a year (…) How many homes would we have built, how many lives would we have saved, how much medicine and food we could have bought if the US had not been cruel against PDVSA.

6. The blockade is a State policy and must be responded to with State actions and tools that are at the level of the seriousness of the problem (…) A law, 7 decrees or executive orders
and 300 administrative measures together make up the policy of sanctions, blockade, multiform aggression against Venezuela.

7. For 5 years the rules of the game have changed and now institutions must change (…) They must change, adapt, modify institutions and policies.

8. We are going to use the Petro and other cryptocurrencies to evade the US criminal blockade (…) We must improve the national income to continue protecting the people (…) The last quarter will be three months of application of this law and three months of improvement of the people.

9. With this Anti-Blockade Law we are going towards recovery and improvement, we will defeat the darkness of the blockade and we will elevate the people of Venezuela to their historic destiny: development and well-being, along the path of Socialism.

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The bill is expected to be approved after a national debate, and afterward it will be possible to implement a set of measures to overcome the harmful effects of the sanctions.

The United States has applied severe sanctions to the oil, gold, mining, and banking industries, as well as to companies, vessels, and individuals who are linked in one way or another to Venezuela’s government.

“These sanctions are crimes against humanity and that is why we have brought the case before the International Criminal Court (ICC) to denounce the U.S. government for suffocating the commercial and financial sectors of the country with no distinction,” .