Venezuelans in USA seek to flee due Covid-19 and the blockade doesn’t leave them

Media report that more than 900 Venezuelans remain stranded in the US due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most are in Miami and not having money to pay for their stay.

In the midst of a global pandemic, people with different personal or health difficulties demonstrated so that the constitutional government, or the “interim” of the deputy Guaidó, support his return from Miami, New York, Houston, Washington, California and other places.

Venezuela has repatriated several of its citizens from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and other countries, but the White House prevents the transfer of this group by prohibiting Conviasa, the state airline, from entering its airspace, which makes the situation more difficult.

On April 10, after long conversations and mediations, a group flew from Miami to Toluca (Mexico) and then to Venezuela, after transferring to a Conviasa . 27 out of 120 Americans who said they were stranded in Venezuela also returned.

For its part, the Guaidó “embassy”, in charge of former Exxon oil official, Carlos Vecchio, has said that the solution is for Venezuela (not the US) to open its airspace and offered charter flights to Caracas and Maracaibo with a stopover in a third country.

Washington allowed to extend visas to travelers but has not clarified whether it would exempt the company that carries out the flights offered by Guaidó and company from sanctions, while Caracas continues to demand that the sanctions be stopped as they are harmful against the country.

Vecchio’s statement blames Miraflores and asks travelers for a letter requesting a visa extension whose reason is “Temporary and involuntary impossibility of returning to Venezuela due to the closure of air operations declared by the Nicolás Maduro regime.”

They also clarify that the process “carries a fee that, despite his efforts, has not been waived by the US Immigration Service for any foreign citizen.” Travelers think that this rate is usually high and damages their legal status.

Florida, although it opened Disney World, increased 100,000 cases of Covid-19 between July 5 and July 15, 15,000 cases have been detected in one day, a new record figure achieved by that same US state. The need to flee is imminent for travelers.

While Governor Ron DeSantis refuses to wear a mask, about 40 state hospitals do not have beds in ICUs and more than 7,000 patients are hospitalized across the state with the virus, the situation is alarming.

The US reports more than 3.2 million infections, more than the population of 21 states, Washington DC or Puerto Rico. Some 33 states tend to increase in new cases compared to the previous week, and more than 130,000 have died.

Trump was in the state last Friday the 10th, the day after a new national record of cases (60,646), promised to “fight” for Venezuela and for Cuba and described Covid-19 as a “plague” from which he returned to blame China.

Venezuelans in  USA seek to flee due  Covid-19 and the blockade doesn't leave them
Article Name
Venezuelans in USA seek to flee due Covid-19 and the blockade doesn't leave them
Venezuelans in USA seek to flee due Covid-19 and the blockade doesn't leave them
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