Venezuelan Special Operations Command activated

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Venezuelan Special Operations Command activated

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported this Tuesday, September 22, that a Special Operations Command was activated throughout the country in the face of the United States attacks is probably planning against the Venezuelan nation.

Through a press conference from the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, the Executive indicated that the technological, logistical and action capacities of the presidential command were reinforced and it’s will be attended by political, military and police high command 24 hours a day.

In addition, he ordered the reactivation and relaunch of the state and municipal command posts and 2,361 peace quadrants for peace and stability of Venezuela.

“Taking actions accordingly, with accumulated experience and capacity. Coordination with popular power is very important ”; express.

Maduro asserted the tour conducted last weekend by the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, through Brazil, Guyana and Colombia, was to plan and activate “conspiratorial plans against Venezuela.”

And really look suspicious, only visited countrys who share borders with Venezuela, it was a demonstration that the United States flaunted its economic and military power to shape its Latin American policy due to its economic and geopolitical advantage in the region.

He recalled on September 11, an American was captured for spying on the Amuay and Cardón refineries.

“They’ve given the CIA the green light to come with undercover agents for dirty operations against oil, electrical, military and electoral facilities,” he said.

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