Venezuelan security forces have killed 6 Colombian paramilitaries in the last 24 hours in Apure state

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Venezuelan security forces have killed 6 Colombian paramilitaries in the last 24 hours in Apure state, an area where the CIA and its lackeys try to take control but fail.


The military deployment carried out by the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CEOFANB) in Apure has resulted in the capture and neutralization of terrorists, the seizure of weapons, vehicles and drugs.

1- Six (06) neutralized terrorists
2- Twelve (12) detainees
3- Twenty-seven (27) suspects placed at the command of the 14th Military Court of Control
4- Confiscation of armaments, grenades, ammunition, explosives, military garments, vehicles, drugs and technological equipment

Faced with the defeats suffered by Venezuelan politic opponents and, of course, the Colombian narco-oligarchy, the corporate media don’t stop shouting the thesis that the Venezuelan Army is “killing” farmworkers … They try as usual to demonize the actions of the Venezuelan security forces.

The Colombian media already resemble the White Helmets in Syria who present as “doctors” all the terrorists killed by the Syrian Army …

This is the hybrid war that Venezuela faces, a war of the networks to impose falsehoods.


❌The FARC dissidents aren’t attacking anything or anyone in Venezuela.
❌Venezuela is not killing any “farmworkers”.
❌Venezuela is not forcing the displacement of civilians at the border.

✅Venezuela is fighting against the paramilitaries that Colombia protects in its territory.
✅Venezuela did kill Colombian paramilitaries who tried to attack and hide in Venezuelan territory.
✅Venezuela dismantled empirical camps that the Colombian paramilitaries tried to set up.

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What the world media is trying to do is demonize the Venezuelan security forces and try to justify a foreign intervention under the pretext of “Human Rights” and mount a farce accusing Nicolás Maduro as responsible .

As the plan is going badly for the opponents and the Colombian Narco-government, they are crying through social media, just like the vagrant corporate media.