Venezuelan opposition terrorist acts financier arrested

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Venezuelan opposition terrorist acts financier arrested

Public Prosecutor’s Office collected evidence that implicates the political operator of the far-right party Voluntad Popular Roland Carreño in conspiracy and financing terrorism, after investigations carried out and the search of his home, the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, announced this Thursday.

“Carreño was arrested in his vehicle carrying a briefcase with an unarmed model AM-15 rifle, caliber 5.56 with devastated serials, $ 12,000 in cash and documents with lists of people and routes to Colombia,” he explained.

“A Carreño se le detuvo en su vehículo portando un maletín con un fusil desarmado modelo AM-15, calibre 5.56 con seriales devastados, 12 mil dólares en efectivo y documentos con listas de personas y rutas hacia Colombia”, detalló.

The money was part of Citgo stolen resources through the Simón Bolívar Foundation and was used to finance terrorist acts and political organizations, through a semi-annual fee of 8 million 500 thousand dollars.

Uno de los documentos encontrados a Roland Carreño detalla la distribución entre 4 partidos políticos de una cifra de 8 millones 500 mil dólares entregados por la Fundación Simón Bolívar de CITGO
One of the documents found to Roland Carreño details the distribution among 4 political parties of a figure of 8 million 500 thousand dollars delivered by the Simón Bolívar Foundation of CITGO

Saab pointed out that Carreño belongs to Voluntad Popular politic party , an extremist factor that has never wanted to be part of the democratic debate, or opt for a peaceful way of voting to settle differences: “a party that has dedicated its life and work to promoting violent acts in Venezuela, burning of people, burning of institutions, the use of minors for acts of violence where citizens and members of the State force have died ”.

He stressed that this group hasn’t been satisfied with having promoted actions this year such as the incursion of foreign mercenaries to commit assassinations as a preamble to situations of war and destabilization, referring to Operation Gideon and the coup d’état of April 30, 2019.

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Carreño was denounced by a person from his own surroundings, who reported his illicit actions and what he planned to do on the day of his arrest, on October 26, when he was captured in Valle Abajo, Caracas, and is currently deprived of liberty by the alleged crimes of financing terrorism, conspiracy against the political form and illicit trafficking in weapons of war.

At the time of his arrest, the terrorist confessed that the briefcase was his property and that the person accompanying him was only a hired driver, reports the Venezuelan News Agency.