Venezuelan Defense Minister confirmed that more than 500 FANB soldiers have been contacted by the Colombian government

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Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López confirmed that more than 500 military members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces of Venezuela (FANB) have been contacted by the Colombian government of Iván Duque, with the aim of betraying the current national government.

“I ask my colleagues in the Colombian Armed Forces not to fall for calls for attacks on our sovereignty,” said the minister, who also cited a statement read through Venezolana de Televisión. In company of the Military High Command, Padrino was emphatic when he pointed out that “Venezuela will defend its sovereignty against any imperial aggression or attack… Calling him president is big enough for him Iván Duque has cowardly conspired against our country.

Likewise, he recalled that assassinations have been planned against President Nicolás Maduro in Colombian territory, and armed incursions protected by the Colombian president.

The general and chief Vladimir Padrino López, affirmed that Venezuela stands to guarantee stability, independence and territorial integrity, in the face of any aggression to the Venezuelan territory that is promoted from Colombia, for which the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) is deployed in defense of sovereignty.

Through a statement, General in Chief Padrino López denounced the conspiratorial plans against the Republic generated by the government of Iván Duque. He stressed that on January 31 they were preparing a new terrorist act to attack the National Assembly (AN).

“A fact that adds to the long list of attacks sponsored by the New Granada administration, which behaves like a large paramilitary camp that threatens the entire region and its own citizens,” he repudiated.

Faced with the complaints made by Duque in recent days about the National Liberation Army (Ejército de Liberación Nacional) y Venezuela , he responded that the Bolivarian Government has only intervened in the conflict as a mediator, at request of the Colombian Government itself, in order to seek a peaceful solution between the parties.

“As part of this titanic effort, it has established the relevant contacts with both parties, respecting at all times the principle of self-determination of the peoples and the norms of international law,” the text said.

At the same time, the Venezuelan Defense Minister denounced that the government of Iván Duque has decided to become a permanent center of conspiracy against the country. “From there, a continuous and blatant interference has been organized, atrocious assassination attempts and armed incursions on the Venezuelan coast under mercenary contracts; the latter, precisely at a time when international bodies were calling for a cessation of hostilities due to COVID-19 ”.

Regarding the formation of anti-narcotics teams in Colombia, the General-in-Chief asserted that it is obvious that Duque is trying to shovel the scolding of the new US president, Joe Biden, who when comparing the statistics, found a huge balance in terms of increase in drug trafficking and cultivation, for which he demanded a proportional relationship to the contributions and aid from Washington, in contrast to the abysmal tolerance and manifest permissiveness.

He also denounced before the international community, the vile action of the National Intelligence Directorate of Colombia, which in coordination with the CIA and the DEA, tries to capture, through bribes and threats, our military professionals, in search of information on the level operational readiness, as well as to subtract or disable strategic weapons systems, equipment, parts and spare parts; attempts that have been unsuccessful due to their high morals, dignity and patriotism, coupled with an effective military counterintelligence system. This modus operandi has left deep wounds in the brotherhood that for centuries has existed between both peoples and their institutions.

“We are alert, in perfect civic-military union, and anyone who dares to desecrate the sacred soil of the Homeland, will know the value of the soldiers and soldiers of Bolívar, who just as they did in Pantano de Vargas, Boyacá and Carabobo when founded Colombia, they will take up arms again to give a timely and decisive response in defense of their freedom, sovereignty and independence ”, read the sector vice president for Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace.

From all the security points of venezuela the military expressed their intentions to defend the homeland