Venezuela will never be anyone’s colony again

Venezuela will never be anyone's colony again

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With a military parade, the commemorative act to the 209th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Venezuela was held this Sunday, July 5, in the Court of Honor of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela, in Fuerte Tiuna. Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB). Likewise, the promotion of the new Generals and Admirals of the Republic and Officers who occupied the first places in order of merit of their promotion was carried out.

“We were forced by the pandemic not to do the civic-military parade that our country conducts every year to commemorate its heroic foundation. But, as Commander-in-Chief, I decided that we should make this military parade and an air tribute to all the people; dedicated above all to our boys and girls ”, expressed the First National President.

“In this military parade the ascent of generals and admirals will take place. Receive my congratulations on your well-deserved promotion. Go ahead! You are the vanguard of the entire Bolivarian National Armed Force. There they have Bolívar’s saber in their hands. ”

Battles amid pandemic

Referring to the fight against COVID-19, President Maduro affirmed “In the face of the pandemic, we have opened our arms to sustain all the love, support and solidarity of the peoples of the world.

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The first semester of the year 2020 has passed and a tremendous battle has been waged by our people; but this fight is hard. We have made all the right decisions on time, but they have sent us the virus from Colombia, it has spread throughout the country and now we are cutting all the transmission chains that Iván Duque sent. ”

He also indicated that despite the call made by the United Nations to end world conflicts and to cooperate among peoples to combat the pandemic, the factors of American power intensified their criminal sanctions against the people of Venezuela, depriving them of their food. , medicine and fuel.

“They sought to create an unmanageable crisis to create suffering for the people. It is a fascist and macabre vision that has prevailed in Venezuela’s anti-fatherland right. But, our people knew how to stand up and we defeated all the criminal sanctions and aggressions of imperialism ”, assured the national dignitary.

“We are moved by a sacred flame that was lit more than two hundred years ago by our liberators, when they wrote that Act of Independence and declared that Venezuela will never again be a colony of anyone. Never again will he kneel to any empire! And we are demonstrating it today, 209 years later. Venezuela will not be a colony of the gringo empire or of any European empire!… Here we are standing, victorious, battling! ”, Concluded the Head of State.