Venezuela VOTES next December 6

Venezuela VOTES next December 6

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National Electoral Council announces schedule of parliamentary elections day to 2021-2026 period

President Nicolás Maduro Moros called on all political parties, candidates who will run to the National Parliament and the country’s voters, to prepare to vote massively on December 6 for Venezuela to launch a new, legitimate and constitutional National Assembly, which will be born of the popular vote.

This will be the 25th choice for participatory and leading democracy in socialist Venezuela.

“Take note of those who say that there is a dictatorship in Venezuela: the 25th election in 20 years … Now we are going to renew the National Assembly. We have a leading and participatory democracy. It is a democracy that goes beyond the representative, it is a direct democracy every day. Let us prepare to strengthen our democracy, ”urged the President.

After greeting the announcements of the new Board of Directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE), which unanimously decided to convene these parliamentary elections for December 6, 2020, as well as the schedule and biosafety measures to be held in the midst of the pandemic The Venezuelan dignitary recalled that these elections are a constitutional mandate.

He said that as has been seen in the rest of the world in the midst of this coronavirus crisis, elections have been held in various countries such as Poland, Serbia and Russia, in the Dominican Republic they will be held next Sunday and in November they will be in the United States. USA

“And Venezuela is not far behind. The Constitution obliges to make these elections and the CNE has set the date to elect the deputies of a new National Assembly. A new Assembly that is born from the popular vote ”.

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He recalled that there are already intention of candidacies which must register between August 10 to 19, for which he instructed the revolutionary forces to work to carry the names of leaders and grassroots leaders for the new Parliament.

He also celebrated more than 86 national and regional parties announced their participation to integrate the new legislative body, for which the campaign will start from November 21 to December 5.

“I am already seeing on January 5, 2021, the Federal Legislative Palace with the elected deputies and a new National Assembly (AN) is born, the fifth AN in 20 years,” he said, predicting the success of starting next year with a true Assembly that works for the Venezuelan people.

He made his happiness and satisfaction evident for this new opportunity to make the vote a free and democratic expression of the freedom that is lived in the country. “And we have many things to improve, many things to put in tune, many things to overcome, but only in peace, democracy and full freedom will we continue to do and achieve it. Long live the democracy of Venezuela ”.

What does this mean for Guaido?

Guaidó who obtained 97 thousand votes as a deputy believes he is more legitimate than Maduro, who was elected president by more than 6 million Venezuelans THE END OF THIS PUPPET