Venezuela there’s shortage of gas and many wonder why?

Venezuela there's shortage of gas and many wonder why?

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US says sanctions don’t affect supply of food and medicine; but it blocks Venezuelan Government institutions which carries out these transactions, such as the Central Bank of Venezuela.


Financial sanctions have seen the Venezuelan government increasingly turn towards transactions in gold to obtain hard currency for vital imports of food and medicine, as well as look for convoluted mechanisms to process oil sales.

The U.S. government has also frozen $5.5 billion of Venezuelan funds in international accounts in at least 50 banks and financial institutions. Even if Venezuela could get money abroad, the United States has long blocked international trade by threatening sanctions on foreign companies for doing business with the country.

Venezuela there’s shortage of gasoline and many wonder why?

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves on the planet with more than 300 billion certified barrels. Currently in that country there’s shortage of gasoline and many wonder why?.

The oil that Venezuela produces is heavy or extra-heavy crude, to produce gasoline and other derivatives it needs,, these additives to Venezuela deny it to sell them due to US sanctions, or simply if Venezuela manages to find a supplier, That money runs the risk of being stolen from bank accounts abroad by the governments that play along with the United States.

Fuel in the oil-rich nation may be practically free but the 92 tankers needed to carry the fuel would probably be stuck at the pump, broken down and without replacement parts thanks to santions.

Obviously this almost nobody explains it and people are simply ignorant of reality, and even continue to think that there is no blockade.

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