Venezuela sues the Bank of England for stealing its gold

Venezuela sues the Bank of England for stealing its gold

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Venezuela announces that it will bring the Bank of England to trial for stealing 31 tons of gold that the Government has deposited in custody at that financial entity.

“Venezuela sues the Bank of England in a British court for stealing 31 tons of Venezuelan gold in its receipt,” said the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, through a message issued on Tuesday on his Twitter account.

According to Moncada’s words, the looting of gold by Venezuelans is a crime of extermination that denies the people vital means to face the worst pandemic in a century, the pandemic of the new coronavirus, causing the COVID-19 disease. “It is the colonial war against Venezuela!”

The Bolivarian country official also denounced that it is not the first time that the Bank of the United Kingdom acts as a looting agent against the peoples, alleging that it now violates contracts and swindles nations by taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“An alert to the world to never trust these pirates of the 21st century again!” Moncada said, adding that stealing gold from Venezuelans in a situation like this is “a crime against humanity.”

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The Bolivarian country, as stressed by the Venezuelan ambassador, will fight with all current legal weapons against international criminals who loot the assets of Venezuelans.

Since 2018, Caracas has tried on several occasions to withdraw the gold it has in the British institution, in order to face the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies; this issue is more important to him now than before, as all the countries of the world are fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, but the unilateral sanctions of the USA. They have made this fight difficult for several countries in the world, such as Venezuela and Iran.

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The Bank of England’s refusal to return Venezuela’s gold is due to attempts by the United States, which in 2019, after recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s “interim president,” said that it will use all its economic tools and diplomats to ensure that the commercial transactions of the Venezuelan Government chaired by Nicolás Maduro are blocked in order to overthrow the legitimate government of the Chavista president