Venezuela Special Committee for the Defense of Guayana Esequiba was installed

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This Monday Venezuela Special Committee of the National Assembly for the Defense of Guayana Esequiba and Territorial Sovereignty was installed, chaired by Deputy Hermánn Escarrá, who expressed the willingness to open the dialogue table based on the Geneva Agreement.

From the Federal Legislative Palace, the parliamentarian said: “Today we are discussing the Geneva Agreement; This is an issue of the Homeland. Venezuela is not willing to hand over even a millimeter of its territory, that is not going to happen, and we tell the Venezuelan people that on behalf of the Commission, which honors me to preside, that all the effort is directed so that our territory is respected (…) It is a matter of national unity ”.

He specified that there is a State policy that emanates from the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and his position is sovereign, patriotic and nationalist: “Our position is to summarize the best advice and maintain our sovereign territorial rights.”

“There is news of fishermen and sectors of Guyana that were in the interior of our geography and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces acted accordingly with firmness in respect of sovereign rights”, specified the Deputy.

He asserted that if the parties agree, a judicial agreement will have to be reached, the Bolivarian nation raises direct dialogue and with the immovable firmness of the people who are not willing to give up their sovereignty.

“We have a youth peoples’re observes and participates in this, they are members of the commission and maintain the defense of the Homeland and national sovereignty. They will not see us in contradiction with the experts ”, he stressed.