Venezuela reported a destabilization operation called ” October red” by opposition extremists and is ready to face it

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Venezuela reported a destabilization operation called ” October red” by opposition extremists and is ready to face it.

The protector of the State of Táchira in Venezuela Freddy Bernal, in a few words to the Special Forces stationed in that state, warned his members of the existence of an operation in progress by the extremist opposition of Venezuela called October red.

Their intention to destabilize the country with violent acts, so from the state of Táchira they’re prepared to counter attack these mercenaries.

The Special Forces are alert in this border state with Colombia, where it is well known that it’s the base operations and training of these extremists who operate with a blind eye to the Colombian government.

Freddy Bernal also stressed fighting against corruption, drug trafficking, and being respectful of human rights.

Meanwhile Garitero Report: Activation of the Plan “We are Taking it All” by the Venezuelan Opposition to Create Violence

Activation of the Plan “We are Taking it All” by the Venezuelan opposition to create violence in popular areas of the country.

Exploiting the argument of “demonstrations and popular protests” due to lack of water, gas, electricity, gasoline, low salaries, the Venezuelan opposition aspires to warm the political environment in the face of the 6D parliamentary elections promoting acts of violence in the streets, particularly in the humble barrios of the country as a media strategy and feeding an alleged “uprising or rebellion” of the most vulnerable sectors due to the strong US sanctions and blockade against the government of Nicolas Maduro.

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“Take a good look at who is calling to the streets, in times of a pandemic.” – reflects Diana Mendoza, a computer engineer on her Twitter account- In this game, only the one who receives a payment for doing it and the assholes who allow themselves to be used by a disgusting right that is a fundamental part of the problem. They (the anti-chavista politicians) won’t even go out with you.”

The 2.0 calls of the opposition for people to come out to protest fill social networks in Venezuela. But the common people not only speak through social networks: “They take to the streets to fight this violence because we have defeated them in all terrains,” says Orlando Gonzales, spokesman for the Clap Ofensiva Comunal of the Caricuao neighborhood in Caracas. “They want to take advantage of the difficult situation the people are experiencing, due to the blockade on food and medicines, the lack of gasoline and gas, to create violence,” says Mirlay, a member of a women’s group from a barrio in Catia, who works everyday in securing the domestic gas to some 400 families in her sector through the community organization. “The barrio will not fall into your trap,” she adds.

The blockade against Venezuela, the siege of international aid, the sanctions on companies and countries that provide food, fuel and medicine have increased on the part of the United States in recent months as extreme measures of force to suffocate the country in the face of an inexplicable resistance that its laboratories of war do not understand.

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