Venezuela rejects European Union interference in national judicial affairs

Venezuela rejects European Union interference in national judicial affairs

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Foreign Minister of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, affirmed Venezuelan people reject the interference of the European Union in judicial affairs of the Nation, by pretending to interfere in the trials against terrorists who have confessed their participation in assassination frustrated 2018.

Jorge Arreaza, Head of Venezuelan Diplomacy indicated “the European Union is currently trying to interfere in Judiciary affairs , by attempting to interfere terrorists’s trials who confessed their participation in the frustrated murder of 2018 and provided testimonials and evidence. ”

This responds to the statements made by the top EU representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, who warned of alleged irregularities in the trial against Requesens.

Video where the former deputy confesses:



Like an electric shock, the assassination attempt of 2018 afternoon, August 4th, with the evident traumatic aftermath that embodies an event of such nature, seemed to make us become aware of the critical space and time in the history of the Homeland where our lives are at stake. Also, we do it through the life of Maduro.

In the middle of the multitudinous activity at the Bolívar Avenue in Caracas, on the occasion of the 81th anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB by its Spanish acronym), two drones charged with explosive material exploded close to the presidential platform, when the President was preparing himself to close his speech for all those present.

Due to the magnitude of the explosion, the national television network was cut. The security staff implemented maneuvers of deployment and security protocols, which were duly activated, to protect the life of the Head of State.

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Minutes later, in the light of the confusion, the Minister for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez, confirmed that it was an attack and that President Maduro and the civil and military high ranking officials of the Venezuelan State, who were on the platform, resulted unharmed. Seven military officials were harmed due to the explosions, who have already received medical treatment.

According to official versions, drones fell after the explosion and it was confirmed the existence of explosive material. “Extra official” sources provided by an opposition journalist, named Roman Camacho, reaffirmed that the explosive device contained C4 explosives.

Minutes later, a group called Soldados de Franelas, (Solders in T-shirts) related to the now extinct paramilitary group of the former officer Óscar Pérez, who, by the end of last year, performed several armed attacks against civil and military institutions of the country and claimed the responsibilityt for the attack on social networks.

This credit eliminated the idea of a “self-attack” or an “isolated explosion” in a building near the Bolivar Avenue, as some social network and international media operators, such as the Associated Press, had tried to diffuse to distract attention and cover up responsibilities.

The gang led by Óscar Pérez was dismantled through a serious confrontation with the security forces early this year near the Venezuelan capital, specifically in El Junquito. However, the return of one of its members indicates that the paramilitary card against Venezuela also remains on the table.

By the end of the night, President Nicolás Maduro addressed the country to relate the events occurred and stressed that the perpetrators of the attack were under arrest. The first inquiry, according to the Head of State, produced the linkage of Bogotá and Miami, in other words, the outgoing President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and operators based in Florida.

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