Venezuela receives sixth shipment with more than 74 TONS of medical supplies from China

Venezuela receives sixth shipment with more than 74 TONS of medical supplies from China

Venezuela receives sixth shipment with more than 74 TONS of medical supplies from China

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Venezuela receives sixth shipment with more than 74 TONS of medical supplies, from the sister People’s Republic China, to reinforce the fight against COVIDー19 in Venezuelan territory

Sixth humanitarian aid plane with equipment and supplies to carry out PCR tests with Chinese technology

This Saturday the sixth plane with humanitarian assistance arrived in the country from the People’s Republic of China that contains medical supplies and equipment to carry out PCR tests with Chinese technology, which will strengthen the fight against Covid-19.

From the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, in the state of La Guaira, the Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, received this sixth shipment with almost 80 tons of medical supplies and medicines, more than 800 thousand rapid tests, in addition of utensils, gowns, glasses, more than 2 million masks and biosafety protection elements for health personnel and for people who are providing logistical assistance in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

She stressed that with this sixth flight, Venezuela has received almost 300 tons of Humanitarian Assistance and Cooperation for the combat of Covid-19.

The National Institute of Hygiene Rafael Rangel has had a system for detecting molecular tests of European technology, but now it is adding Chinese technology, since this shipment includes machinery and accessories that are required to process PCR tests, he announced.

Rodríguez said that “this is a historic step in building our bilateral strategic relationship between China and Venezuela.”

Stressed that more than 150 countries have received determined and disinterested support of the People’s Republic of China. “Venezuela mainly has to thank all this support. We will continue with the support, very soon we will be receiving more humanitarian assistance, as a result of the cooperation between China and Venezuela, ”she said.

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The Executive Vice President, on behalf of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, thanked the President of China, Xi Jinping, the Government and the Chinese people for the important humanitarian assistance that they have been giving to Venezuela in recent times to prevent and control Covid-19.

“In the framework of this criminal and perverse blockade, by the United States government against the noble Venezuelan people, who have prevented access to medicines, food, and essential services, Venezuela found the solidarity of China, where a Bridge was established Humanitarian Assistance Air ”, she asserted.

For his part, the ambassador of the Chinese Republic in Venezuela, Li Baorong, expressed his satisfaction with this sixth shipment of medical supplies arriving in the country.

He highlighted the achievements and efforts of both countries in the implementation of the important consensus between the presidents of Venezuela and China, “demonstrating once again the traditional friendship between two high-level peoples of the China-Venezuela Comprehensive Strategic Association.”

“China and Venezuela have always been together, supporting each other, with great effort for joint collaboration in the unity of human destiny, giving an example to follow the International Community,” he said.

She also regretted that sanctions and coercive, unilateral, illegal and criminal measures are not lifted. She also reproached the threats of the United States forces against Venezuela, which violates the basic principles of the United Nations Charter and International Law.

He reaffirmed that China rejects and condemns these imperial plans, and reiterates firm support for all of Venezuela’s efforts to safeguard sovereignty, defend peace, stability, and preserve the health and life of the Venezuelan people.

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“Imposing sanctions on Venezuela and blaming China does not help them to confront the new coronavirus, nor does it help them to hide the popular fury of the people for racism,” he denounced.