Venezuela FANB along linear deployment in 2nd parliamentary 2020 electoral drill

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The Minister of Defense, general and chief Vladimir Padrino López, reported this Sunday from the Andrés Bello High School in Caracas, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), accompanies the linear deployment to safeguard the entire electoral process that it has acquired the National Electoral Council (CNE).

“This process will help to familiarize and bring technology closer to the voters, so these elections are an impeccable, transparent, modern and automated electoral process,” said the head of that office in order to carry out a tour of the polling stations and evaluate the results of the 2nd Parliamentary 2020 electoral drill.

He affirmed the people of Venezuela in the streets “participate in this electoral festival, a popular election, we’re visiting and supervising the development of the members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) within the framework of Operation Republic.”

Likewise, he stated that the guarantees provided to the electoral process allow the people to become familiar with the technological equipment of December 6, “we must not forget it the FANB that day will not only be complying with the electoral system, but will be guarding everything the national territory. Only in this simulation we have 70 thousand troops deployed, but on December 6 we will deploy more than 400 thousand troops to provide the necessary security to the people and the protection of the electoral party.

Comprehensive Civic Military Plan

The Minister for Defense, G / C Vladimir Padrino López, took the opportunity to reiterate that one of the fundamental tasks of the FANB will be to reinforce the entire electoral process and material, which is why it is working under Plan 76 promoted by the president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

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“We must not forget it we are acting under Plan 76, a comprehensive civic-military plan that integrates the political, territorial, military and police to safeguard peace in the face of the elections,” he concluded.