Venezuela Chamber of Deputies agreement in defense Venezuelan Guayana Esequiba

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Miraflores Palace, Caracas.- The Constitutional President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, received the agreements emanating from the first ordinary session of the National Assembly (AN) in defense of Venezuelan Guayana Esequiba, by the President of Parliament, Jorge Rodriguez.

In a agreements approved unanimously by the Legislative Power of the country, they reject the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) upon territorial controversy of Guayana Esequiba, for which the formation of a Special Commission for the defense of this territory was agreed on Guayana Esequiba belongs to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The aforementioned Commission will be chaired by Deputy Hermann Escarrá, and its vice-presidents are Deputy Earle Herrera and Deputy Timoteo Zambrano.

Here are the agreements:

Reject the decision of the ICJ of December 18, 2020, as potentially damaging to the essential interests of the Republic in the amicable resolution of the territorial controversy over Guayana Esequiba and consequently developing the powers of the Venezuelan State, in accordance with the constitution , international law and the Geneva Agreement, as well as all the strategies and competences of the Venezuelan State for better prevention and defense of sovereign rights.

To ratify, together with all sectors of the State, its absolute rejection of the ICJ’s decision, which without ever having the consent of the Venezuelan State claims to have jurisdiction in a unilateral claim, initiated by the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, on the validity of the 1898 arbitration award, which is contrary to public international law, its own doctrine and jurisprudence.

Recognize the work of the Presidential Commission on border issues and protection of the Atlantic façade created in July 2015, within which the work of the Ministry of People’s Power for Defense stands out, which has addressed – in accordance with the constitution – the defense of life and highly effective protection of the Atlantic coast.

Create a special commission to dialogue and collaborate with the Presidential Commission, which for the purposes will be called: Special Commission for the Defense of the Guayana Esequiba Territory and Territorial Sovereignty, which will immediately engage in proper coordination with all public powers for the defense of the inalienable rights of Venezuela over the territory of Guayana Esequiba and will promote the broadest and most plural calls to all national, academic, legal, historical sectors and all those who can join this great national movement, as well as, contribution of proposals within the scope of its constitutional powers, in particular on issues related to the territory, its planning, nationality, native inhabitants, culture, environmental protection, sovereign defense, social and energy development, protection of water and natural resources, communication and mobility .

Provide maximum support to the foreign policy led by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, maintaining fluid channels of permanent communication and advice through the generation of studies, presentation of proposals and support for the management of a large deployment of peace diplomacy, to bring the truth of Venezuela to the world, as the victim of one of the most offensive and rude territorial dispossession committed by the British Empire in its history.

Request that the corresponding international bodies and bodies adhere to the strict adherence and validity of the 1966 Geneva Agreement, as the only legal instrument validly deposited in the United Nations (UN) to understand and resolve this territorial dispute, through peaceful negotiations that involve to a practical and satisfactory solution for both parties.

Support the President of the Republic to continue carrying out all the diplomatic, legal and political actions in accordance with the constitution, necessary to continue safeguarding the rights of the sovereignty of Venezuela, as well as its immunity from jurisdiction and territorial sovereignty, in particular that accentuate the path of broad negotiations with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and have the assistance of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Accompany the President in his call to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to resume friendly negotiations as the only way to advance in the solution of this territorial dispute over Guayana Esequiba until reaching the practical and mutually acceptable settlement that its text specifically establishes.

Publicize this agreement in the AN and deliver to the Head of State.
“I celebrate this agreement unanimously by all political fractions, groups and leaders of the national Parliament, they have started on the right foot this process of dialogue necessary for the interests