USA Says It Will Work Hard To Topple Maduro Government

US Says It Will Work Hard To Topple Maduro Government

US Says It Will Work Hard To Topple Maduro Government

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Elliott Abrams, US representative for Venezuela affairs, said Tuesday that Washington is “working hard” to topple Maduro before the end of the year.

“Obviously we hope that he (President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro) will not survive the year, we are working hard to make that happen,” the official stressed before the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate.

For this to happen, he added, the Venezuelan people must reject the result of the next parliamentary elections scheduled for December, in which, two days ago, four opposition parties decided not to participate, under pressure from the US administration chaired by Donald Trump.

These comments demonstrate the intolerance of the United States in the face of a democratic process, such as elections in a free country that stoically resists the inhuman blockade of imperialism.

Abrams also stated that the United States must impose more sanctions and prevent the relationship between Iran and Venezuela from growing.

In another segment of his statement, Abrams said that Washington maintains contacts with members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to “restore democracy” in the South American nation.

“The Southern Command is trying, they are in contact with the military at this time,” said the official.

He also indicated that the US government will continue to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as “president in charge of Venezuela” after January 2021, regardless of the results of the December parliamentary elections.

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In July, Abrams announced the launch of a communication strategy against the Government of Nicolás Maduro aimed not only at achieving his goal of overthrowing the Chavista ruler, but also at distracting attention from international public opinion, given the inability of the Trump administration to address local problems, including the unfavorable electoral landscape and the health crisis unleashed by the outbreak of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

The United States is leading a “total war” against Venezuela in order to impose a government in the Bolivarian Republic, led by its “puppet”, the coup leader Guaidó. The most cruel expression of that war, according to the Venezuelan authorities, is the set of unilateral coercive measures, including sanctions.