USA and Guyana signed a defense cooperation agreement

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Tensions have reappeared in South America in recent weeks, this time between Venezuela and Guyana and over the disputed 160,000-square-kilometer Essequibo border region. For decades, countries couldn’t agree on ownership of the territory where the richest deposits of oil and gas were found this year.

The 2016 scenario is repeated: the government of Nicolás Maduro accuses Guyana of violating international law and flirting with Washington.

In the context of tensions in bilateral relations, the Southern Command of the United States Army has been awakened. Admiral Craig Fuller visited Guyana yesterday and met with President Irfaan Ali and the country’s top military leaders. On behalf of the United States, Fuller signed a military cooperation agreement, assuring the government of Guyana that the United States (for now) is the guarantor of Guyana’s sovereignty. In the near future, a joint Guyano-US military exercise will take place in Essequibo.

Meanwhile Venezuela

The Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CEOFANB) activated all naval and air means to patrol the jurisdictional waters of Venezuela, especially the Atlantic façade, given the threat that corresponds to the start of Military Exercises by the USA.

This was reported by the Minister of People’s Power for Defense, G / J Vladimir Padrino López, who classified these military exercises as a threat and a provocation for Venezuela and the Region.

“These exercises that the United States has announced (…) in these agonizing and desperate hours of the Trump Administration, are intended to generate a state of anxiety. It’s a clear provocation to the interests of the Nation, ”he said.

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He pointed out that this is a major escalation, since the US empire has decided to interfere in a territorial controversy over the Essequibo that must be settled between Guyana and Venezuela in a practical, peaceful and satisfactory way for both parties, as established in the Geneva Agreement of 1966.

He stressed that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) has exercised “permanent sovereignty in jurisdictional waters that aren’t being controversial, since they’re part of the geographic space of Venezuela.”

Venezuelan Defense Minister: ‘Venezuelans must be sure the FANB is going to guard every geographic space that makes up Venezuelan territory inch by inch.’

“To fight for what is yours … you must’ve the firm conviction that it belongs to you.”

The new Venezuelan National Assembly, which has just been installed on January 5th 2021, drafted a very interesting and historic document that was approved by all the political forces that are represented in the national Parliament … leaving the world a very clear message of unity national around the neuralgic and delicate issue of the territorial dispute that Venezuela has with the ex-English guiana over the Essequibo.

In the text, the national Legislative Power unanimously rejects, unequivocally and forcefully, the unlawful assessment of the International Court of Justice, when it makes the suspicious decision that it’s “competent” to pass a sentence that has already been drawn up:

“The territorial claim on the Essequibo, on Venezuela’s part, hasn’t legal basis, therefore, from this moment on, the submitted dispute ends, and the firm and irrevocable decision is that the territory in question belongs to Guyana “…

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Faced with this situation of international anti-Venezuelan collusion that they’ve prepared with the key and strategic participation of the US empire, the United Kingdom, the international right and some multinational companies that act in the Essequibo to benefit Guyana … the entire country needs to give a clear sample and sensible national unity around our legitimate and legal claim on the disputed Essequibo territory … and that a satisfactory solution for both parties is based on respecting what is signed in the Geneva Agreement. What is desirable is direct negotiation between the two States, and that it be through diplomatic, peaceful and reasonable channels … that produces a convenient and fair decision …

The Venezuelan populations hopes that the Venezuelan State, as a whole, will act around a phrase: “the Essequibo is ours” … these aren’t times for politicking, or demagoguery … national unity is necessary, and to denounce to the world, a group of traitors to the homeland who belong to the extreme right, who prefer to hand over the Essequibo, because that allows them to continue receiving millions of dollars from the United Kingdom …
The Essequibo was born in Venezuela …