US seeks to confiscate Iranian tankers on his way to Venezuela

US seeks to confiscate Iranian tankers on his way to Venezuela

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USA, which failed to curb Iran’s previous aid to Venezuela, is filing a lawsuit to seize fuel-laden vessels before reaching its destination.

The US Department of Justice announced Thursday that US District Judge James Boasberg filed a lawsuit Wednesday night with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. (capital), to seize the new shipment of gasoline that Iran sends to Venezuela at Chavista government request Nicolás Maduro, according to the British news agency Reuters.

The court order, according to the Portfolio, seeks to confiscate “more than 1.1 million barrels of gasoline loaded on four Liberian-flagged Bella and Bering tankers, in addition to Pandi and Luna.
The lawsuit also seeks to “impede” the flow of income from the oil sale to Iran, a country that, like Venezuela, is the target of ironclad economic sanctions by Washington.

US prosecutors accuse Iran of “manipulating” documents in order to arrange the shipment and circumvent the sanctions.

Reuters recalls that this is the latest attempt by the US Administration, chaired by Donald Trump, to “increase economic pressure” against these two countries, which it considers “enemies”, for their anti-imperialist ideology.

In defiance of illegal US sanctions, Iran sent five gasoline tankers to Venezuela in June to help the South American country alleviate fuel shortages, while also finding a market to sell its oil and oil products. Washington could do nothing to prevent it.

In fact, the arrival of the new shipment of aid from Iran to Venezuela would be another defeat to the United States that seeks to strangle the economy of these two countries and bring their population to their knees.

In addition to Iran, the Bolivarian government enjoys the support of Russia, China and Cuba, also sanctioned by the United States, and a large part of Venezuelans. All this could imply that the golden age of the American empire is already coming to an end.