US military forces’s presence in the Panama Canal violates treaties

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Through a statement issued last Wednesday, February 17, the Institute of the Panama Canal and International Studies of the University of Panama, indicated that the United States “insists on the use of military forces to try to prevent the traffic and high consumption of drugs in their own territory. ”

In the letter, the institute focuses on the installation of the Regional Center for Naval Operations (CROAN), since it “flagrantly violates the Permanent Neutrality Treaty of the Panama Canal and Operation of the Panama Canal, which in its article V is categorical, after 2000, “only the Republic of Panama will manage the Canal and will maintain military forces, defense sites and military installations within its national territory.” Let us be complacent. Let us respect each other so that they respect us. ”

“That complacency could be very expensive for us. Let us bear in mind that not even the military invasion of December 1989, managed to prevent the dismantling of all US bases and the departure of all its troops, so that now we commit the naivety of committing ourselves to a method failed and unjustifiable to activate its new military presence in Panama, “the Institute said in the letter.

On February 12, Juan Pino, head of the Ministry of Security, together with Stewart Tuttle, head of the mission of the United States Embassy in Panama, signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at continuing with US assistance to national security forces operating at sea, by providing equipment and technical training.