U.S Southern Command’s head, Admiral Craig Faller, arrived in Guyana

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The head of the United States Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, arrived in Guyana on Monday afternoon, January 11, to discuss cooperation in security area with authorities in this region.

This was announced by the North American military entity, through its account on the social media Twitter, in which it specified that it will also sign “an agreement that will speed up bilateral exchanges.” “Guyana is an important security partner,” he said in the aforementioned digital platform.

This Saturday, January 9, international agencies reviewed Faller’s trip to Guyana, whose objective included raising joint maritime surveillance exercises, among other issues.

While this Monday Venezuela Vice President , Delcy Rodríguez, spoke about these military exercises that will take place this week, which she described as a provocation and threat.

“We are in the presence of an agonizing action in Donald Trump’s last hours of its government that seeks to create provocations, threats and aggressions against the Venezuelan people and sovereignty,” she explained.

She also mentioned that President Nicolás Maduro requested “to speak very clearly to the country and alert countries in our region about joint military exercises started today between the United States and the Federative Republic of Guyana.”

Knowing a little about Venezuela- Guyana territory conflict

The Essequibo is a territory of 159,542 km² that is part of a dispute between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, a former British colony

“Only direct conversations between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana” can bring us closer to a truly negotiated, friendly and definitive solution to this territorial controversy inherited from the colonial robberies of the 19th century “.


Here 9 milestones that describe history

  • 1. He is from Venezuela since Venezuela exists
  • 2. Recognized as Venezuelan by recognizing our independence
  • 3. The Schomburgk Games: Oligarchic Conspiracy and Imperial Appeal
  • 4. The United States enters the game with the fraudulent award
  • 5. Mallet-Prevost’s Secret: The Trap Comes Out
  • 6. Geneva Agreement: Recognition of controversy and geopolitical tension
  • 7. New phase of imperial appetite: The oil factor fuels the controversy
  • 8. Corporations and their puppets use the Essequibo as an excuse
  • 9. Ruling of the International Court of Justice and response of the Venezuelan State