Two massacres are registered in Colombia 53 so far in 2020

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Two massacres are registered in Colombia 53 so far in 2020far in 2020

– In Zaragoza (Antioquia): 5 dead
– In Simití (South of Bolívar) 3 dead.

They go 53 so far in 2020.

These are not isolated events. There is a systematicity in the subject of massacres and social leaders.

At least eight people were killed in two massacres perpetrated on Monday (09/07/2020) in Colombia rural area Antioquia and Bolívar , in the north of the country, authorities reported.

The first massacre occurred in the village of La Valentina, which is part of the Antioquia municipality of Zaragoza, where the lifeless bodies of five people were found.

The second was perpetrated in Simití, in the southern Caribbean department of Bolívar, where three people were killed in the Los Cagüises area. Local authorities said the victims are two Venezuelan citizens and a Colombian.

Illegal groups such as Los Caparrapos and the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) operate in the area, called the Gulf Clan by the Government and considered the largest criminal drug trafficking gang whose origin occurred after the demobilization in 2006 of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia ( AUC, paramilitaries).