Twitter thread updated with the latest news from the FANB’s antiterrorist operation against Colombian narco-terrorists

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The clash began at dawn on Sunday, March 21, in El Ripial and La Victoria, neighboring towns of Colombia settled in the José Antonio Páez (Guasdualito) municipality of Apure state.

Venezuelan intelligence agencies detected the plan as a result of drug seizures carried out in that area since last January. And that is how on Saturday, March 20, they discovered that one of the drug trafficking financiers was in La Victoria (Apure), paying monthly fee to his partners. The narco had a security team that included armed men who began an exchange of fire with agents of the Bolivarian Army at dawn on Sunday, March 21, according to reports.

From that day on, the fighting continued. Subsequently, a contingent from the Special Actions Force (FAES) was sent to the area. Apparently, on the other side, the action is commanded by members of the 10th and 28th FARC-dissent fronts, according to the nomenclature used by the Colombian government.

Once the combat started, the irregular groups installed their base of operations in the town of Arauquita, which can be reached in seven minutes on foot from Apure, according to sources. “They will risk their lives to control that Apure-Colombia border crossing because that is where they take out drugs and strategic material. Right now they are losing thousands of dollars due to the effects of the fighting, ”commented the informant and Colombian deputy @ISAZULETA made the complaint to the Antioquia Departmental Assembly, narco-terrorist groups take control in the area of ​​influence of Hidroituango and take advantage of the reservoir to reposition themselves. The Colokmbian government only protects them.

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In this regard, President Maduro said that Venezuela is “a victim of the irregular and criminal armed groups of Colombia; we are facing criminals, drug traffickers and bloodthirsty men ”.

The following Twitter thread will update the news with videos and photos on the results of the anti-terrorist operation carried out by the Bolivarian national armed force against these Colombian irregular armed groups.