To create a case file, every narco-plane passes through Venezuelan airspace

Another narco plane downed in Venezuelan territory

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Most of them with US registration and in all cases they enter from Colombia, instead of going directly to Mexico or the US, they try to enter Venezuelan airspace in order to justify the coup case file against Caracas, accusing it of drug trafficking.

Washington’s plan has failed them, since in + 98% of the occasions these narco-planes are neutralized.

✓30JUL2020: a P-34 aircraft and a clandestine runway were detected in the Río Negro sector of the Jesús María Semprún municipality. Three people were arrested.

✓26SEP2020 A Bombardier Challenger 600 aircraft acronym N100QR was disabled. This could be the largest raider aircraft neutralized by Venezuela.

✓03SEP2020 aircraft N17JE, Cessna 402, was forced to land in Maracaibo`s Lake when it was detected in a stealth flight in Zulia state . Its occupants were arrested.

✓05OCT2020 the Gulfstream III aircraft N305LR was detected by the radars and forced to land. Once it was located on the ground, it was disabled. According to the MIJ statement, a clandestine track was also found in the Machiques municipality of Zulia state.

✓13NOV2020: the Gulfstream II SP N104VV aircraft was located and disabled in the Caño Amarillo sector of the Catatumbo municipality, it was destroyed on a clandestine runway that had previously been dynamited (the drug traffickers reactivated it again).

Source schedule: #LaTabla

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