This couple desperately try to save their charges after a year of awkwardness and failure

This couple desperately try to save their charges after a year of awkwardness and failure

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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Foreign Minister , Jorge Arreaza, said Friday , Elliott Abrams, a special US envoy for Venezuela and US business manager James Story, “desperately tries to save his charges after a year of awkwardness and failures. ”

Arreaza made such an assertion after statement made by both officials (bitter enemies of Venezuela), where they affirm with “threats, money and exile” Bolivarian Government tries to avoid Juan Guaido re-election as president of National Assembly in contempt.

On the other hand, they pointed out Russia and China, unconditional allies of Bolivarian Government, have revealed the constitutional president Nicolás Maduro “must leave because he has ruined the economy of Venezuela.”….

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We believe it is time for the opponents of Caracas to admit reality – Venezuela has only one head of state, President Nicolas Maduro, and that compromise solutions can only be found through a dialogue that will yield real results.

We reaffirm our willingness to facilitate intra-Venezuelan talks of the kind and amount needed by the parties. We invariably stand with international law, UN Charter goals and principles, including non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

In a second trill,Foreign Minister stressed neither Lie Laws, nor all millions that snatch US taxpayers to attack us, threats, arbitrary measures and criminal blockages, will distort the will of Bolivar People .

“The affairs of Venezuelans are resolved among Venezuelans,” he said.

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