The USA sent another large convoy with military and logistics supplies to the Syrian province of Al-Hasaka

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The United States sent another large convoy with military supplies and logistics to the Syrian province of Al-Hasaka (northeast), rich in oil resources.

As the official Syrian news agency SANA reported on Wednesday, the convoy in question, made up of 60 vehicles, including tanker trucks and containers with military equipment, entered Syrian territory from Iraq, through the Al-Walid border crossing.

Despite the refusal of the Syrian people and government, the US continues to send war supplies to the eastern and northeastern parts of the Arab country, under the pretext of “protecting” the oil wells from terrorist groups, but in reality , what it seeks is to steal the black gold of Syria, as Damascus denounces.

In fact, a contract signed by a US oil company with the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has already come to light, aimed at looting Syrian oil with the endorsement of the Washington Government.

Furthermore, the USA, in full cooperation with its Kurdish-Arab affiliates, has on numerous occasions transferred oil extracted from Syrian soil, without authorization, from Damascus to Iraq.

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