The US ship in Venezuelan waters is “a provocation and represents a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela”

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Venezuela Vice President , Delcy Rodríguez, stated this Monday that the presence of a United States ship in Venezuelan waters is “a provocation and represents a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela.”

This was stated by the vice president at a press conference with international media, in which she addressed the territorial conflict between Venezuela and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana over the Essequibo territory, and denounced that the United States government is behind the actions of the Guyanese government, which ignores the Geneva Agreement to resolve the territorial dispute in a practical, peaceful and satisfactory way for both parties.

She reported that today she sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United States, Antonio Guterres, to alert him to the threat to peace and the region posed by those military exercises by the United States and Guyana in Venezuelan waters.

“We don’t want Craig Faller (head of the United States Southern Command) in the Caribbean doing military exercises, threatening Venezuela with the protection of alleged illegal and illegitimate interests in a controversial territory where they do not have to stick their noses,” said Rodríguez.

“It is a alert’s letter and it is in your hands to guarantee peace and stability in this region, a territory of peace,” the vice president told Guterres.

“They have brought an imperial master to threaten Venezuela,” Rodríguez said, referring to Guyana’s actions, whose government relies on the outgoing Trump administration “in its last hours of agony.”

The vice president explained that on Saturday, January 9, we witnessed an unusual statement by Guyana’s President ”, who questioned the recent decree of President Nicolás Maduro to administer Venezuelan territory.

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President Nicolás Maduro “signed a decree for the creation of a special strategic zone, -which is contemplated in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, – on the Territory for the Atlantic Facade,” said the vice president, detailing that it is of an “internal administrative order of Venezuelan territory, and now it turns out that for Guyana this territory doesn’t belong to Venezuela.”

“Those who present themselves as victims have an imperial spirit and spirit to seize territory like crazy without any kind of support,” she said, arguing that “President Nicolás Maduro is empowered by the Constitution to order the territory and to create special strategic zones for its administration, and of this territory its Atlantic projection ”.

“They haven’t explained well the scope of this decree to the president of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana,” said Rodríguez, noting that the decree signed by the National Government “says that the first violation is that no state can unilaterally decree its international borders anymore whether land or sea ”.

“They cannot dispose of a territory unilaterally,” Rodríguez reiterated, insisting that it is an internal regulation of Venezuelan territory, where Venezuelan jurisdiction and sovereignty are exercised, -which- “cannot be misinterpreted. There is no room for misinterpretations in this regard ”.

“We make a call to Guyana, have synderesis, do not make an escalation supported by the outgoing government of the United States,” exhorted the vice president.

“We call on the high authorities of Guyana not to go crazy because they already know what they have been doing, creating interests through Exxon Mobil to have rude and threatening military support against Venezuela from the United States.

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In this sense, she said that in 2016, when Venezuela had already made the relationship of good offices for both parties, Guyana signed an agreement with Exxon Mobil “consummating what Venezuela had been denouncing about the availability of a controversial territory.”

“In that agreement, an 18 million dollar bond was approved to cover legal expenses before the International Court of Justice (ICJ),” said Rodríguez.

“Guyana never had a real willingness to negotiate, Guyana has been acting in bad faith and it was demonstrated by the signing of the agreement. Guyana has not been attached to seeking agreements, ”said Rodríguez when calling on the Caribbean to be alert, to be concerned about this intentionality that the government of Guyana is showing by attacking cooperation relations, the great spirit of Petrocaribe, attacking the good neighborly relations between sovereign states

“They have brought an imperial master to our territory to threaten Venezuela, that is inadmissible. We call for respect for the Declaration of the Celac Zone of Peace, we call for respect for the tranquility of this territory, ”she said.

She asked “the United Nations to the peoples of the Caribbean to join the call for peace from Venezuela so that this controversy is settled between two sovereign states