The US resolution to extend arms sanctions against Iran failed

The US resolution to extend arms sanctions against Iran failed

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The US resolution to extend arms sanctions against Iran failed

A CBS correspondent at the United Nations reports that the US resolution was not approved by 11 abstentions, 2 in favor and 2 against.

Diplomatic sources report the failure of the proposed US resolution against Iran

The United States has been able to bring in only one member of the Security Council, and only the Dominican Republic has voted in favor of extending Iran’s arms embargo, while China and Russia have voted against and 11 abstained.

Pompeo Official Statement

Pompeo reacts to Security Council vote: Today, the Security Council failed to force Iran to respond

The council ignored the demands of the Middle Eastern countries.

The United States will continue to work to correct this mistake.

China: Vote on US resolution shows coercion will fail

China Representation to the United Nations:
The draft US resolution on Iran was rejected by the Security Council today. This result shows once again that unilateralism has no support and that coercion will fail.

Any attempt to prioritize self-interest over the public interest of the international community will be thwarted

The vast majority of members of the Security Council believe that UNHCR and Resolution 2231 must be defended and implemented.

The United States, which is no longer a party to the UN Security Council, has no right to ask the Security Council to automatically do international sanctions against Iran. If the United States insists, its efforts are doomed to failure.

Russia: We voted against the US resolution; The United States action violated UNSCR 2231

Statement from the Russian Mission to the United Nations:

Russia’s representative to the United Nations voted against the Security Council resolution on the “arms embargo against Iran” proposed by the United States.

We have always opposed attempts to impose arms embargoes on Iran through the UN Security Council.

The US proposal was a clear violation of Annex B of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which explicitly states that the only legitimate way to reconsider the arms transfer system is the unanimous decision of the Joint Commission.

Footnote: The historic defeat of the United States tonight in the arms embargo on Iran in the Security Council and the lack of cooperation of European countries is a sign of weakness and decline of the United States.