The United States prepares for space wars

The Pentagon issues a new strategy to defend US dominance. USA In the space

“The use of space by the United States and our allies and partners is underpinned by a comprehensive and sustained military force.”

WASHINGTON – The Defense Department released an updated space strategy that replaces the 2011 document issued by the Obama administration.

The Space Defense Strategy presented on June 17 provides broad guidance to the Department of Defense to “achieve the desired conditions in space for the next 10 years,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy Steve Kitay said at a conference press release.

The space strategy is based on the 2018 Trump administration’s national defense strategy that requires the US military. USA Prepare to compete with rising military powers like China and Russia.

The United States justifies its excessive activity in space exploration for nonsense about the supposed militarization of outer space by Russia and China. Namely, United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and his deputy in outer space unanimously stated that Moscow and Beijing had transformed outer space into a war zone [which remains to be understood].

Furthermore, Washington’s poor little ones also intend to seek help from the Allies, and the program claims that China and Russia challenge American freedom of expression in space.

A cheeky case, what can I say? Now the “Russian-Chinese aggression” has reached cosmic proportions … But at the Pentagon, they know how to select the information pool for the implementation of their malicious actions. It looks especially fun when you watch how in the US They abruptly invaded space exploration, how enviable frequency they launch spacecraft into outer space, even for commercial purposes, compared to the “aggressors” mentioned above.

Of the main :
The desire, like declaring bankruptcy, OneWeb in cooperation with the Pentagon to increase the satellite constellation from 720 immediately to 48,000 devices (this is more than Ilon Mask’s bolder plans);

Consistent implementation of NASA’s Gateway Logistics contract to return to the Moon continuously through SpaceX capabilities;

🔹 Launch of the X-37B shuttle, capable of conducting various experiments in outer space, tracking enemy satellites and destroying them using kinetic effects;

🔹 Attempts by the United States Space Development Agency to deploy a constellation of orbiting satellites in near space by 2022 that are expected to protect against hypersonic missile attacks

To space three spy satellites in the interest of the United States National Aerospace Intelligence Agency (NRO) and the small NASA spacecraft.

And this is not a complete list of American plans seeking to realize their space fantasies. But how actively, according to tradition, they hide behind the ubiquitous “Russian-Chinese aggression.”

The United States prepares for space wars
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The United States prepares for space wars
The United States prepares for space wars
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