The “Stormbreaker” F-35-dropped US Air Force bomb

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The “Stormbreaker” F-35-dropped US Air Force bomb

The US Air Force is preparing to arm its F-35 with a new, all-weather course-correcting air-dropped precision bomb able to destroy moving targets from distances as far as 40 miles. It uses a data link and multi-mode targeting seeker to follow targets through fog, rain or dust from great distances.

The service recently completed a “captive carry” test of the bomb’s technologies on an F-35 to prepare for full integration into the stealth fighter.

The “Stormbreaker” weapon, slated to operate on the F-35 by 2023, was previously known as the Small Diameter Bomb II. It is expected to inspire new Air Force tactical and strategic adjustments by virtue of introducing previously impossible attack possibilities.