The Pentagon has dispatched six M2A2 Bradley to northeastern Syria

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The Pentagon has dispatched six M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and at least 100 troops to northeastern Syria to contain Russia.

Additional forces have been deployed in the region as a demonstration of presence following a series of incidents involving both sides, and “to discourage the Russian military from crossing the eastern security zone,” where the United States, the coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces operate, NBC reported, citing sources in the Defense Ministry. USA.

The preliminary announced placement period is up to 90 days. The official “reason” for the transfer of additional units is to ensure the security of the coalition forces and the fight against IS.

to northeastern Syria

The M2 Bradley, or Bradley IFV, is an American infantry fighting vehicle that is a member of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle family. It is manufactured by BAE Systems Land & Armaments, which was formerly United Defense.
Engine: Cummins VTA-903T 8-cylinder diesel; 600 hp (447 kW)
Power/weight: 16.18 kW/tonne (21.7 hp/tonne)
Operational range: 483 km or 300 mi
Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
Armor: Spaced laminate armor offering 14.5 mm all around protection. Hull base is 7017 aluminum.
Wars: Persian Gulf War, Waco siege, Iraq War, Yemeni Civil War, Syrian Civil War
Main armament: 25 mm M242 Chain Gun (900 rounds); 2 × TOW Anti-Tank Missile (7 missiles)

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