The international exercises Iron Wolf 2019-II began in Lithuania

Ejercicios militares que involucran a 11 países de la OTAN comenzaron en Lituania

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Around four thousand soldiers and one thousand teams from 11 NATO member countries will participate in the international exercises.

On Monday, November 4, the international Iron Wolf 2019-II exercises began in Lithuania, in which nearly four thousand soldiers from 11 NATO countries will participate, in particular Belgium, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Estonia, the United States , Poland, Norway, the Netherlands and Portugal, Germany, reports the press service of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

“The international Iron Wolf 2019-II exercises will begin on November 4 and will involve approximately 4,000 soldiers from 11 NATO countries. The exercises will be carried out in the training camp of General Sylvester Zhukauskas in Pabrade, where around 1,000 military and technical units will be present, ”he said in the message.

It should be noted that the name of the maneuvers coincides with the name of the rifle brigade of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania, Iron Wolf. During the exercises, work will be done on the planning and conduct of offensive and defensive operations. Around 1,000 units of military equipment will participate: tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored vehicles, artillery pieces.

The main phase of the Iron Wolf 2019-II maneuvers will last until November 18, and the team’s return to the permanent deployment sites is scheduled for November 18 and 22.

Date taken: 10/22/2017
Iron Wolf II exercise

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