The FANB declared war on all Colombian irregular armed groups

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General in Chief Vladimir Padrino along Admiral in Chief Ceballos Ichaso and Bolivarian National Armed Forces staff offered a balance sheet of Operation Bolivarian Shield 2021 , which is being carried out mainly throughout Apure state.

To date the military justice processes 33 people, 6 camps have been dismantled, 9 casualties have been given to irregular groups and we have suffered the loss of 8 soldiers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Always acting in accordance with the law and Constitution in hand, respecting Human Rights; acting in Unión Cívico Militar ”, he emphasized.

A security zone in Páez, Muñoz and Rómulo Gallegos Municipalities of Apure State is declared by instructions of Commander in Chief Nicolás Maduro, where the Strategic Operational Center of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces CEOFANB designs and executes special plans to guarantee order and start to setup the border state free of irregular armed groups.

The defense minister also commented “For more than 70 years the people of Colombia have been suffering from a war that their hasn’t been able to control… but I think I am wrong, and the reason is that for more than 70 years oligarchy has been without wanting to end the war so continue benefiting. “Colombia doesn’t want to resolve its war, the peace accords failed. Drug trafficking sets the standard in Colombia. From 10 to 15 billion dollars lubricate the economy of that country.

The general-in-chief explained the administrative steps that are being developed, such as sending a letter to the UN requesting his support to the FANB in ​​advising them to deactivate antipersonnel mines and clear the conflict area; Venezuelan military engineers have the knowledge to deactivate them, but it is important to have this advice above all legal, all that work has to be registered, with international procedures. May 27, 2013, Venezuela was declared free of land mines. Now these Colombian groups want to export their improvised explosive devices (IED) to Venezuela.

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An alarming fact that the minister revealed, in years of violence, Colombia has a record of more than 8 million victims, 300,000 victims of homicides and 7 million internally displaced persons, and so far this year more than 130 victims of anti-personnel mines, 60 have been civilians…

The minister accused the US government of trying to insert destabilizing elements in Venezuelan border with Colombia in order to create the area that allows them to start an escalation of war against the country. The strategy is to outsource the conflict with criminal gangs, armed groups of drug traffickers and break in Venezuela for its logistics operations to continue fueling drug trafficking.

“Everything we are experiencing in Apure has a lot to do with drug trafficking, drug trafficking is what sets the standard in Colombia”

Something that the defense minister commented, one of the objectives of these Colombian groups is wear and tear the FANB, we aren’t going to wear ourselves out or get tired, it is about Venezuelan territory. Apure is ours, Apure is freedom, Apure! is Venezuela and we are going to defend it at all costs! quoted the minister. G / C Vladimir Padrino López.

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