Take a look at the Su-30MKV2 fighter of the Venezuelan Air Force

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Su-30MKV2 fighter from the Venezuelan Air Force with a pair of Kh-31A anti-ship missiles.

The Kh-31 is a Russian air-to-surface missile carried by aircraft such as the MiG-29 or Su-27. It is capable of Mach 3.5 and was the first supersonic anti-ship missile that could be launched by tactical aircraft.
Diameter: 36 cm
Operational range: Kh-31A: 25 km–103 km (13.5–55.6 nmi; Kh-31P: up to 110 km (60 nmi; 70 mi)
Unit cost: $550 000 (2010)
Warhead weight: Kh-31A:94 kg (207 lb); Kh-31P:87 kg (192 lb)
Warhead: HE shaped charge
Guidance system: Kh-31A: inertial guidance with active radar homing; Kh-31P: inertial with passive radar
Used by: Russia, China, Algeria, Egypt, Venezuela

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