Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited Idleb

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited the front line with terrorism in the northern province of Idleb, where he met with soldiers positioned in Habit village .

The president said that “Erdogan is a thief who stole factories, wheat and oil, and today, he’s stealing Syrian lands.

He noted that all areas in Syria have the same value of importance but the military situation on the ground’s what determines the priorities.
Syrian president called the Syrians to remain united
Al-Assad: “When the Turkish aggression began, we communicated to the political and military forces our willingness to support their resistance.”

In addition, al-Assad reaffirmed “we must support each other when they attack or rob us, but some Syrians didn’t, especially in the early years of the war, and we told them not to bet on the foreigner but for the army and its homeland, but they ignored us and now they bet on the American, ”he said.

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