Sweden will increase military spending by about 40% and excuses himself in fear of Russia

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Sweden will increase military spending by about 40% in the next five years and double the number of people conscripted into its armed forces as it aims to strengthen its defence amid growing tensions with Russia, the government has said.

The country, which is not a member of NATO but enjoys close ties with the alliance, and a way to pay back fore security is buy armas to NATO’s countries,They already want to buy combat aircraft and the only companies that will be able to compete for the contract will be from NATO’s countries, by the way there are few who can sell weapons.

“We have a situation where the Russian side is willing to use military means to achieve political goals,” the defence minister, Peter Hultqvist, told reporters on Thursday. “Based on that, we have a new geopolitical security situation to deal with.” He said the new proposals would mean an increase in the military budget of 27.5bn Swedish kronor ($3.10bn) by 2025.

The government said the military budget would be increased between 2021 and 2025, and would fund an expansion of military personnel to about 90,000 from 60,000 people, including a new mechanised brigade with updated artillery.

The navy will get an extra submarine, increasing the number to five, and the corvette fleet will be updated, while the army and air force will get upgraded weapons systems. In addition, the draft will be expanded to 8,000 a year by 2025, up from 4,000 in 2019. Sweden ended conscription in 2010, but reintroduced compulsory military service for a limited number of men and women in 2017.

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It will be interesting to find out which countries or companies will take advantage of those contracts, and we can already rule out Russia, China.

It will surely be the United States,I think it is out of fear of the United States, that they surely made a proposal that they couldn’t resist, or buy me weapons or we NATO don’t support you anymore, and Sweden government are make an excuse for fear of the Russians, it’s my opinion know how EE.UU. doings, don’t take it as a fact, we will closely follow this business