Supertanker Honey docks in Venezuela dodging US blockade

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Supertanker Honey docks in Venezuela dodging US blockade

On September 13 , @TankerTrackers, which has tracked Iranian gasoline, additives and gas shipments to Venezuela, published the surprise arrival of Honey, an Iranian supertanker loaded with 2 million barrels of gas condensate to the complex Jose (Anzoátegui).

In addition, on Friday the 11th, PDVSA’s Beauty One tanker made a cabotage stop in Carenero, Miranda state, to supply around 60 thousand standard barrels of oil (BLS) of 91 octane gasoline and 100 thousand diesel at Capital district.

The condensed gas can have various industrial uses, however it serves to alleviate the deficit of gas for domestic use due to the difficulties caused by the US blockade. Without refining, there is no propane or butane (the usual ones in domestic gas).

Analysts subscribed to @TankerTrackers have identified that the tankers Forest, Faxon and Fortune began their journey from the Port of Shahid Rajaee in southern Iran bound for Venezuela and then turned off their location transponders.

Faced with a new episode of recrudescence of unilateral sanctions that intricate the activities of the oil sector, especially in terms of transport, trade and maintenance, in recent weeks the dispatch of fuel in Venezuela has been complicated.

The stalking by the United States before any shipment of fuel, spare parts or chemical substances for the refining of crude oil, has intensified more in these times of electoral race. However, Iran has maintained a firm stance in supporting Venezuela.

A PDVSA source tells Misión Verdad that the gas is not Iranian, only the transportation (as a driver in the shipment of the cargo), but comes from other countries.“Most likely it sailed all around southern Africa since its transponder was off. The name and the IMO number have been painted over,” reported the tracking service.

Currently, the South American country suffers from a severe gasoline shortage that affects millions of people and the economy in general. The Venezuelan government accuses the US of preventing the proper functioning of the Venezuelan oil industry due to its blockade and US illegal sanctions.

Caracas has claimed that it is the victim of “criminal international financial persecution” and has said that the United States intends to impose a naval blockade on its borders with the Caribbean Sea.

US authorities have confirmed this, by offering statements in the voices of different White House and SouthCom spokesmen, who have publicly said that they would prevent the arrival of gasoline and supplies that the oil industry requires for its recovery.

Likewise, ship tracking services reported that Iran has sent, in the past days, three new tanker shipments full of gasoline that are currently in southern Africa, following a different route than the usual one and carrying approximately 131 million liters of gasoline.

Since March this year millions of Venezuelans have been affected by gasoline shortages directly related to the US regime, in collusion with extreme right anti-Chavista leadership, working together to besiege the Venezuelan population, thinking that it will bring about their so long awaited regime change.