Supercarrier Navy USS Nimitz entered in the Persian Gulf

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Supercarrier Navy USS Nimitz entered in the Persian Gulf

The US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain, announced on Friday that the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier had entered the Persian Gulf with the Princeton and Philippine C submarines, as well as the USStrat destroyer.

According to a statement from the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, the fleet’s mission is to operate and train regional and coalition allies, and to provide naval air support for coalition operations against ISIL.

USS Nimitz is a supercarrier of the United States Navy, and the lead ship of her class. One of the largest warships in the world, she was laid down, launched, and commissioned as CVAN-68, “aircraft … Wikipedia
Length: 333 m
Aircraft carried: 90 fixed wing and helicopters
Commissioned: 3 May 1975
Homeport: Naval Base Kitsap
Complement: Ship’s company: 3,532; Air wing: 2,480
Speed: 31.5 knots (58.3 km/h; 36.2 mph)

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