Statement by the Venezuelan defense minister on the ongoing operation against Colombian armed irregular groups

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The Minister of Defense, General in Chief, Vladimir Padrino López offered a press conference with instructions from the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, in which he notified the progress of Operation Bolivarian Shield, a consequence of the new armed incursion perpetrated from Colombia against the sovereignty of Venezuela.

Through a statement, the head of Defense notified that there are 6 neutralized terrorists, 27 suspects arrested and 12 new ones recently captured, in addition to the seizure of weapons, drugs and technological equipment with information on the targets that would attack such as electrical installations, the SENIAT (National Integrated Service for the Administration of Customs Duties and Taxes) and PDVSA.

He said the detainees have instructions from the Colombian government, with the advice of the US southern command, coinciding with the creation of an elite body with US advice.

He rejected the manipulation of the media and the Colombian government, which intend to “transfer responsibility for their problems to us.”

“We have been closely observing the systematic campaign of aggression against our pariah. Venezuela doesn’t play a role in the peon of the world political board, it has riches that make it desirable, an enviable geographical location “, reasons that the minister alleges as causing the siege against the country.

He denounced a fifth generation war trying to “Balkanize Venezuela and tear it to pieces”, which tries to “intoxicate world public opinion to impose a post-truth. All this led by US imperialism, ”he said.

He said that “it is intended to force a regime change under his doctrine”, and that in the midst of it “the FANB has been a target, they want to divide us. They want us back in the Armed Forces of puntofijismo ” (puntofijismo a stage that three Venezuelan right-wing parties accumulated and took out the left, and crimes were committed and the right took advantage of the discontent of the Venezuelans to support the overthrow of the dictator Pérez Jiménez and thus seize the resources of the State for his own benefit for 41 years…)

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“Unfortunately, Colombia has lent itself to turn its entire territory into a paramilitary camp to attack Venezuela, where US troops openly operate on the border, yielding their sovereignty,” he said.

The aggression’s patterns

He said the attempts of murder of President Nicolás Maduro have been planned from Colombia in 2015, when it was decided to close the border as a result of the attacks that blinded the lives of two Venezuelan officials.

Then in 2018, to assassinate the president and other top officials in a public act on August 4. In 2019, the deliberate intention was given to violate the sovereignty of Venezuela with the passage of supposed humanitarian aid across the border, with the complicity of Venezuelans.

2020 he gave himself what he classified as “something perverse”, when planning a mercenary operation “Operation Gideon”, from Colombian territory to the Venezuelan coasts.

In 2021, a group of terrorists and mercenaries tried to come to settle in Venezuelan territory and “they have get, as they will continue to receive, the response of the FANB,” said the minister.

All of this, the minister said, happened under a continuous plan of aggression from Colombia towards Venezuela, with the United States as a shadow through its military bases in that country.

The case of La Victoria, in Apure

“We had been monitoring, we began to see an irregular movement beyond normal in a highly porous border. We began to see irregular movements and signs began to appear; 4 aircraft since January 21, within the framework of the Bolivarian Shield operation, ”said Padrino.

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“From there began the war of the networks to impose a truth and we have seen how these irregular groups send messages of terror. The saddest thing is that the mass media are folded to these messages of terrorist groups against Venezuela ”, he lamented.

“They began by saying that we had murdered children, that we had burned houses, that we had run over people. That is not the ethical conduct of the FANB. We are called to expel any group of any ideology outside our borders. No armed group can be living in Venezuela, “said the head of Defense.

He said that drug trafficking is a lubricant of the Colombian economy, and these irregular groups are financed with drug trafficking and through this business they intend to involve and intimidate the residents of the Venezuelan border.

“We keep these groups at bay to make Venezuela a platform for the distribution of drugs to other destinations. Since the antiaircraft defense plan was implemented, more than 230 aircraft have been disabled or seized, ”he said.

In this sense, Padrino called on the “people of the border to support our nationality, our citizenship and not fall for the offers of drug trafficking that want to be stationed in those areas.”